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Industry Trends
September 3, 2023
min read
Noam Yadin

Best yoga YouTube channels

In today's fast-paced world, where stress and anxiety seem to be constant companions, people are increasingly turning to yoga for solace and inner balance. Yoga, with its calming and rejuvenating effects on both body and mind, has become a popular practice for those seeking wellness and mindfulness. With the advent of technology and the rise of YouTube as a platform for content consumption, people now have easy access to a plethora of yoga videos that cater to their specific needs and preferences.

Whether you are a pro at yoga or have never tried yoga before, you’ve come to the right place. So, unroll your yoga mat, log into YouTube and enjoy an online yoga lesson from the best yoga YouTube channels. 

Best yoga YouTube channels

1. Yoga With Adriene 

With a whopping 12.1M subscribers, Yoga With Adriene is without a doubt a must-watch channel for all things yoga related. Her skillful instruction caters to practitioners of all levels, making yoga accessible to beginners and challenging enough for seasoned yogis. Beyond the physical postures, Adriene infuses her classes with mindfulness, encouraging viewers to cultivate a deeper connection with their breath and inner selves. Her most popular video - Yoga for Complete Beginners - welcomes beginner yogi's to the world of yoga and its only 20 minutes long. It's no surprise that this video continues racking up view and it currently has over 51.2M views.

2. SarahBethYoga

SarahBethYoga captivates and empowers a global audience with her delightful blend of accessibility, expertise, and genuine warmth, SarahBethYoga stands tall as one of the best yoga YouTube channels. Sarah Beth creates an instant connection with her viewers, making them feel seen and valued on their individual yoga journeys. With 1.2M subscribers her channel boasts a treasure trove of diverse yoga practices, carefully curated to cater to practitioners of all levels. Go check out her most popular video - 10 Minute Morning Yoga for Beginners - with 27.8M views. 

3. Travis Eliot 

With 364K subscribers, Travis Eliot is a yoga channel you won’t want to skip. Travis seamlessly weaves ancient wisdom and modern insights into his practices, offering a profound and holistic experience on the mat. His classes encompass a wide range of styles, from energizing vinyasa flows to restorative yin sessions, catering to all levels of practitioners. Beyond the physical postures, Travis encourages viewers to delve deeper into their inner world, guiding them towards mindfulness and self-awareness. His most popular video - 60min. Power Yoga "Flexibility" Class - has gained 2.81M views. 

4. BrettLarkin Yoga

As a highly skilled instructor, BrettLarkin Yoga captivates millions with her exceptional blend of expertise, inspiration, and genuine passion for yoga. Brett delves into the philosophy and spirituality of yoga, encouraging viewers to embrace mindfulness and personal growth on and off the mat. With 527k subscribers, her authentic dedication to sharing the profound benefits of yoga shines through every video, making her channel a sanctuary for those seeking not just a fitness routine, but a path to self-discovery and overall well-being. This yoga YouTuber has a wide range of videos, including stretch yoga, beginner Kundalini yoga for women, Vinyasa flow, yoga for boosting immune system, and her most popular video - Beginner Morning Yoga Sequence for Greatist (15-min) - which has garnered over 3.2M views.

5. Boho Beautiful Yoga

Juliana and Mark, the dynamic duo behind the channel, have masterfully created a haven for yogis seeking not only physical transformation but also spiritual connection and wanderlust inspiration. Set against stunning natural backdrops from around the world, each video is a visual feast that transports viewers to exotic locations while guiding them through invigorating yoga practices. Their channel has an impressive 2.7M subscribers, and their most popular video Morning Yoga Workout ♥ Better Than The Gym has gained a whopping 28.2M views.  

6. Yoga With Bird

Hosted by the delightful Erin, affectionately known as Bird, the channel exudes a warm and welcoming atmosphere that instantly makes viewers feel like part of a nurturing community. Her gentle and encouraging guidance empowers beginners to step onto the mat with confidence, while her creative and challenging flows inspire more experienced yogis to deepen their practice. With 632k subscribers, Bird's passion for creating a safe and judgment-free space is evident in every video. Go check out her most popular video - 10 Minute Yoga Full Body Stretch for Tension Relief - with 3.67M views. 

7. Yoga With Tim

Led by the highly skilled Tim Senesi, this channel offers a treasure trove of yoga practices that cater to all levels, from beginners looking to build a solid foundation to advanced yogis seeking new challenges. With 306k subscribers, his channel encourages viewers to explore and expand their practice with confidence. From dynamic Vinyasa flows to targeted sequences for specific needs, Tim's versatility in crafting diverse and engaging classes is commendable. You can find a wide range of yoga videos on this channel, including post run stretches, yoga for bloating, morning yoga workouts, yoga that will help you increase energy and focus, and his most popular video - The Total Body Yoga Workout Challenge Day 1 - which currently has 774K views.

8. yoginimelbourne

Paula Lay, also known as yoginimelbourne, invites her viewers on a profound journey of self-discovery and inner transformation. With 248k subscribers, her soothing voice and nurturing presence creates a safe and inclusive space where practitioners of all levels can explore and deepen their practice. Each video is a work of art, carefully curated to cater to various needs and preferences. The channels emphasis on mindfulness and meditation elevates the yoga experience, encouraging viewers to cultivate inner peace and balance in their lives. Her most popular video Yoga for neck, shoulders and upper back 15min has gained a whopping 9.64M views. 

Yoga channels will continue to gain traction on YouTube  due to their accessibility, diversity, and the ability to cater to individual preferences. With the convenience of practicing at any time and in any space, viewers can tailor their yoga experience to suit their needs, whether it's a quick morning stretch or a deep relaxation session before bedtime. By collaborating with these channels, brands can tap into a niche market that values holistic well-being, fitness, and healthy lifestyles. The kinds of brands we see that are regularly sponsoring yoga YouTube channels include Audible, Skillshare, Squarespace, BetterHelp, Babel, and many more. If you’d like to see even more metrics and analytics about these channels, and other yoga YouTubers, sign up to our free plan here

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