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Industry Trends
May 22, 2024
min read
Tania Isakovich

Best Couples YouTube Channels

Who are the top couple YouTube channels that should be on your radar?

Chris Rock once said “Only married people can understand how you can be happy and miserable at the same time.”

Relationships can be heavenly. Relationships can be drama. And watching other people’s relationships unfold is mesmerizing. It's no wonder that couples on television provide such riveting reality entertainment. Watching the complexities of other peoples’ partnerships makes for great YouTube content too. One moment they are swooning over each other. The next moment they are candidly sharing the hardships of their day to day lives. The inner workings of a couple is endlessly fascinating.

With Valentine’s Day approaching, we decided to do a deep dive into recent trends on YouTube, and guess what we found? Between January 1st and February 5th, a whopping 1,500 channels were buzzing about Valentine's Day, racking up an impressive 52,000,000 views.

In preparation for the upcoming day of love, we have curated a list of top couple YouTubers that should be on your radar this year. Using our platform, we crafted this diverse list of top YouTube couples based on their subscription and viewing numbers, level of engagement, and sponsorship potential.

Check out this curated list of top YouTube couples channels here:

Queen & Clarence 

Queen Naija Bulls rose to fame through her captivating vlogs on YouTube and her remarkable journey on American Idol. She teamed up with her partner, creator Clarence, to launch their YouTube channel, which currently boasts over 2.8 millions subscribers. From a heartwarming baby gender reveal, getting 4 million views to viral challenges, this powerhouse couple has built a steady following through their lighthearted content. One standout example is a 44-minute vlog where Clarence goes all out to create the ultimate birthday experience for Queen, showering her with luxurious gifts and heartfelt gestures. Their sponsorships have included partnerships with Philo, and NordicTrack amid others. 

Kara and Nate

Kara and Nate have racked up 3.7 million subscribers chronicling their journey across the globe. What started as a spur-of-the-moment decision to take a year off and travel in 2016 evolved into an extraordinary four-year exploration, culminating in them stepping foot in their 100th country by the end of 2019, as showcased in their documentary. However, when the pandemic halted international travel, they adapted by embracing van life, spending two years traversing the U.S. in their cozy mobile home. It made them even more popular with an unbelievable 14 million views on their video WE LIVED IN A $650,000 EARTHROAMER. Now, having transitioned back to life on the road with their suitcases, Kara and Nate continue to seek out new experiences and fascinating narratives worldwide. They’ve partnered with loads of sponsors, including Viator, BetterHelp, and many more. 

Rose and Rosie 

Rose and Rosie are a gay British couple who share their daily life experiences, challenges, and adventures. With a whopping 1 million subscribers, this couple has grown a massive following through their Q&A sessions, challenges, travel vlogs, and more. They have been sponsored by Surfshark and Best Fiends. Check out their most famous video SUPERKISS PART 2 of 10 years ago where they’re trying to perform a superkiss – the longest kiss that you can have without breaking lips.

Andy and Michelle

Andy and Michelle launched their YouTube channel three years ago with a triumphant "WE FINALLY MADE IT!". Driven by their massive TikTok following of 7.3 million fans, they decided to give YouTube a try after fans' requests. While their TikTok showcases funny sketches, on YouTube, they opt for longer vlogs, announcements, and challenges. Their most popular video, "FIRE NOODLE CHALLENGE | Q&A | Andy and Michelle," amassed 416,000 views, featuring the couple answering spicy questions while tackling Korean Buldak noodles. Their sponsorship with Disney Dreamlight Valley, a Disney computer game, was a hit with viewers.

Other Couple YouTube Channels to check out:

Squirmy and Grubs

Shane, who has spinal muscular atrophy and uses a wheelchair, hosts this channel with his partner, Hannah. The pair share the ups and downs of their relationship.

Subscribers: 1.6M

Total views: 594M views

Average views per video: 804K

First vid: Shane takes a bath in the hotel pool / Squirmy and Grubs (635k) 

Most popular vid: My Life Expectancy Has Changed / Squirmy and Grubs (4.8M) 

Sponsors have included: Fracture, Google, Amazon Alexa, Easterseals

Nick and Carrie

It's Nick and Carrie here!! Join us in this journey and share our passion!

Subscribers: 7.1M

Total views: 6.7B views

Average views per video: 1.3M

Most popular vid: My Asian Girlfriend Cooking Indian Food With My Hindi Instruction 

Sponsors: Florasis, Betterhelp

Connor and Liana

Their content has included pranks and challenges, documenting their journey into parenthood, and adventures around their newly acquired van.

Subscribers: 3.3M

Total views: 1.7B views

Average views per video: 2.6M

Most popular vid: Our Realistic Birth Experience (5.3M)

Sponsors: Monopoly GO!, Popsa.

Jess and Gabriel

Jess and Gabriel are a hub for laughter and fun, challenges and vlogs.

Subscribers: 3.2M

Total views: 516M views

Average views per video: 989K

Most popular vid: OUR WEDDING (20M)


Profile description: Liv & Will🌹 Challenges, Pranks, Storytimes & Vlogs 

Subscribers: 2.4M

Total views: 250M views

Average views per video: 607K


Sponsors: Philo, Shein, Swagbucks

Matthew and Ryan

Hey Guys! We're Matthew and Ryan and we’re a Gay Couple from the UK spreading love and laughter one piece of content at a time. 

Subscribers: 1.6M

Total views: 1.1B views

Average views per video: 1M

Most popular vid: GAY MORNING ROUTINE (3.2M)

Sponsors: Cineworld, YouTube

Life Uncontained

This couple is sharing their journey of risking everything to build their “dream debt-free off grid shipping container home”.

Subscribers: 1.4M

Total views: 258M views

Average views per video: 929K

Most popular vid: Couple Builds SHIPPING CONTAINER HOME With No Experience (38M)

Carlo and Sarah

A mixed couple (she’s American and he’s Italian) sharing their journey from long-distance relationship to married.

Subscribers: 1M

Total views: 978M views

Average views per video: 1.5M


Sponsors: Ubisoft, Merge Stories, thredUP, Wander.

Travis and Torie

A cute interracial couple living their dreams in Texas. 

Subscribers: 257K

Total views: 48M views

Average views per video: 38K

Most popular vid: FLASHING My HUSBAND While He Plays Video Games To See How He Reacts! (9.1M)

Sponsors: CookUnity, Ipsos iSay, Mistplay, Allform, Briogeo. 

Check out our analysis of various couples channels below.   

Check out our analysis of various couples channels on the ThoughtLeaders platform. 

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