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Industry Trends
January 3, 2024
min read
Noam Yadin

2024 creator economy predictions

The creator economy is expected to continue growing and evolving in 2024- which isn’t a surprise to anyone. But, there are a few unexpected trends that have already poked their head to the surface that you need to know about if you plan to succeed with influencer marketing this coming year. 

Let’s start with the stats:

2024 creator economy trends and predictions

Creator era

Content creators are becoming more and more powerful - so, while we will still likely see Johnny Depp promoting perfume on highway billboards, more and more brands are opting to collaborate with influencers. 

In 2024, we are bound to see more influencers walking red carpets, attending luxurious Hollywood events (award shows, film festivals, and of course, the Met Gala), and promoting well-known brands. 

And, content creators aren’t just sitting back and relaxing. A growing number of creators are using their success to grow their personal brands, following in the footsteps of Prime, Chamberlain Coffee, and Feastables. In 2023, podcaster Alex Cooper founded Unwell and Reese Witherspoon launched Hello Sunshine, which paved the way for creator-led media companies. Hubspot noted that, “Creator-led media companies have the agility to innovate in ways legacy media companies don’t.”

Here’s a great example of a content creator growing their personal brand: Grace Wells shares behind-the-scenes videos on how she creates super engaging ‘ads’ and it caught the attention of huge brands, like Old Spice and Maybelline. In late 2023, the content creator shared that she has launched her very own Product Film School where she shares all her tips and tricks (at a price of $950!)   

Microinfluencers will rise

It looks like 2024 will be the year for micro-influencers. 

What is a microinfluencer?

Microinfluencers are defined as content creators with between 10,000 and 100,000 followers. Microinfluencers have usually succeeded in cultivating an intimate and personal connection with their followers. 

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According to reports, 76% of marketers are more interested in collaborating with micro-influencers than macro-influencers. And, In 2024, microinfluencers will be in high demand for brand partnerships. Hubspot shared that “From a brand perspective, microinfluencers typically offer the most value. The average micro-influencer has an engagement rate of 9%, which is far higher than the average engagement rate of macroinfluencers and celebrities at just 2%.”

To kick off the new year, we asked people in the industry what they think will be the biggest trends to watch for in 2024 - There was a unanimous agreement that microinfluencers would exert significant influence in the upcoming year:

Jessica Shee, Senior Tech Editor and Marketing Content Manager at iBoysoft:

“Emphasis will be placed on nano and micro influencers due to their credibility and ability to resonate with specific niche audiences.” 

Sofia Perez, owner and content manager at Character Counter:

“My prediction in the influencer market is smaller is going to be bigger – Micro-influencers. These are real experts in their niche with a really dedicated audience. They are going to be the crucial driving force behind brand recognition and sales. We have already seen that brands are investing more in smaller influencers with engaged communities that match their needs.”

Isaac Rau, CEO of Proactive SEO Solutions

“The landscape is evolving towards micro-influencers. These individuals, with smaller but highly engaged audiences, are proving to be more effective in conveying authenticity.”

Katherine Melton Nexofly

“Brands are realizing that sometimes smaller is better; a micro-influencer with a highly engaged audience can be more valuable than a celebrity with millions of followers but less interaction.”

Sophie Miller, Marketing Manager at Booking Agent Info

“Authenticity and trust trump follower count. Micro-influencers with engaged communities will hold greater sway, prompting brands to shift strategies towards targeted partnerships.”

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AI will boost the power of the creator economy

As Business Insider puts it, “AI will deepen our reliance and relationship with existing products and services, including those that cater to creators, as the technology will be integrated into almost every tool businesses use.”

We can expect to see a lot more innovative AI tools emerge throughout the year, everything from AI tools that simplify the content creation process to better understanding audiences. Marketers will also add a handful of AI tools to their toolbox - and those that don’t will ultimately fall behind. 

However, while innovative AI tools will become regulars in creators’ workflow, it will be crucial for influencers to maintain authenticity and transparency. Jessica Shee, Senior Tech Editor and Marketing Content Manager at iBoysoft, explained that “social media and influencer marketing success will depend heavily on the ability to strike a balance between AI automation and genuine human connections.”

We asked people in the creator economy industry what they think will be the biggest trends to watch for in 2024 - and it was clear that AI would be a regular in the workflow:

Katherine Melton Nexofly:

“AI will revolutionize content creation - think AI generated images, videos, and even music that are indistinguishable from human-made content. This could make content creation more accessible to everyone, leveling the playing field. For influencer marketing, AI could mean more personalized and effective campaigns.”

Connor Butterworth, CEO & Owner of Southwestern Rugs Depot

“AI will significantly influence both social media platforms and influencer marketing, offering tools that enhance content creation, such as generating and editing videos. It might also bring sophisticated algorithms for better matching brands with the most compatible influencers based on audience data analytics. Predictive analytics will empower influencers to create content that resonates deeply with their followers, maximizing engagement and ROI for brands.”

Andrew Johnson, Founder of

“AI will refine content recommendations, enhance personalization, and streamline influencer selection. Automated analytics will optimize campaign performance, improving ROI and targeting precision for both brands and influencers.”

Nadia Bubennikova, Head of Agency at Famesters

“AI tools won't replace influencer marketers because they can't handle the entire task cycle yet, so there's no need to worry about that. Instead, integrating AI makes our work easier and helps us cut costs. For example, in situations where we used to rely on local professionals for video transcription and translation, we can now subscribe to a good service with integrated AI. This service efficiently generates subtitles, provideshigh-quality translations, and helps create high-quality advertising content even in regions where we don't have local employees.”

Zoltan Fagyal, Founder & Consultant, Travel SEO Pros

“Expect a ton more AI personalities. This is something that's already taken off quite quickly, and I only see it continuing to become more popular in the coming year. Digital V-Tuber avatars but even the movements and the voice are handled by AI. This significantly lowers the bar of entry into content creation, and certain larger-than-life avatars tend to attract a huge following
pretty quickly.”

If you plan to succeed with influencer marketing in 2024, its important to expect the unexpected and keep up with the trends. And, more importantly, working with professionals in the field that can set you on the right path. ThoughtLeaders can help you through each step of the influencer marketing journey - both on the creators side and brand side - so do not hesitate to reach out.  

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