Using our Partner Plan to transform your influencer marketing campaigns

How to use our platform to level up your creator campaigns and find influencers who perfectly match your messaging

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If you are planning or already running influencer marketing campaigns, you’ve come to the right place. By using our Partner plan, you can easily track the best YouTube influencers to partner with and advertise on the best podcasts and newsletters that are related to your business. 

Instead of paying random creators that do not always perform and bring the desirable results you want, you can use our software to discover your competitor sponsorship strategy and make data driven decisions.  Influencer marketing has never been easier!  With our smart AI technology, you can easily track the right creators to sponsor and discover the latest trends and industry insights in any business niche you’re interested in. With the combination of our software and influencer marketing advertising that is gaining momentum in the last few years, you can create a powerful marketing strategy that can boost your business to the next level.

Who is this Partner plan for?

Brands, agencies and creators use the ThouthLeaders Partner plan and find it very useful. Among our clients are major multinational corporations, as well as medium and small-scale foreign and domestic companies and individuals. If you're looking for an AI tool that will help you make data driven marketing decision and find the best creators to sponsor, ThoughtLeaders software is exactly what you need.

ThoughtLeaders Partner Plan - Best Practices 

Follow this guide to learn how to track the relevant data you’re looking for. Here is a list of goals you can achieve by using our partner tool.

- Find YouTube and Twitch creators to sponsor
- Find the best podcasts/newsletters for advertising 
- Discover brand that recently sponsored
- Discover the most sponsored creators 
- Get creators’ contact information
- Get industry insights and latest trends
- Competitor research 
- Find relevant YouTube videos where you want our ad to show up (Target plan)


How to find the best channels to partner with?

There are two ways to get a list of relevant creators to partner with using our ThoughtLeaders partner plan.

Option #1 - The "Precise Keywords" approach:

Go to Content Report, and search for keywords that are best describe your brands' products/niche. Make sure the content you received is relevant, and switch to the Thought Leaders Report to get the full list of creators who created this content.
Tip -
try to find the keywords that only people who are specialized in the niche use them. For example, in the gaming niche, if we use the keyword “gaming” to find the best channels to partner with, which is a very generic and broad keyword, we may get many results that are not relevant. To avoid this situation, we need to use keywords that are only used by gamers, such as “speed run” or “gameplay”. This way we can make sure we’ll only get the most relevant content and creators. 

To add an extra filter on this list of creators and make sure they all belong to the category we are looking for, you can organize this list by categories. In our case, by adding this filter, we can see what the exact number of gaming creators is and isolate them by clicking on their number.
To get this information, go to Thought Leaders Report -> filter by “Aggregation” -> category -> and you’ll get a list of categories for the specific list of creators we have found earlier. 

Option #2 - The "Guide Brands" approach:

Another way to find a list of channels to sponsor is to find them through competitor sponsorships. In this case, we need to take the best creator channel that is related to our brand's niche, check what other brands sponsored it, make a list of 2-3 of those brands that are actually our competitors, and track the creators who mentioned them.
*** In case you can't find the brands in the Brands field, search the brand names in the Keywords field.
In our example, we chose "The Wood Whisperer" as the creator, filtered his list of content by adding "sponsored" keyword, ands picked "Titebond" and "Powermatic" who sponsored this cannel.

Then opened a new Content Report page, searched "Titebond" and "Powermatic" brands, switched to Thought Leaders Report and received a list of creators who mentioned them, which are relevant to our niche and therefore our potential creators for partnership.

The Vetting Process

Once you gathered a list of creators that are relevant to you brand, here are two important indicators that will help you choose the best creators to sponsor:
- Repeating sponsorships (3 or more mentions)
- Length of sponsorships (1 year+ for each partnership)
***You can check these details on the specific creator's Content Report page.


Discover brand's expenses on YouTube sponsorships

With this method you can estimated the total expenses of your competitors on YouTube sponsorships, discover how much money they spent on sponsoring channels and find the exact YouTubers they sponsored. This is an important data you may want to find out when is comes to analyzing your competitor and building a strong influencer marketing strategy.

The steps to find out how much brands spent on YouTube sponsorships:

1. Go to the Content Report page and search for these keywords:  
(((sponsored by “brand”) OR (brought to you by “brand”) OR (partnered with “brand”) OR (thanks to our sponsor “brand”)))
2. Check the list of contents received to make sure that these are the sponsored results you're looking for and to track more keywords that indicate sponsorships by this brand. For example, there are cases when creators also use different phrases to announce a sponsorship, such as "Thanks for sponsoring our episode". In this case you may want to include this exact phrase in your keyword search to make sure you're not missing sponsored content.

3. Switch the report to the Trends Report.
4. Now the last thing you need to do is to calculate the estimated spend by multiplying CPV 0.03* Total Views.

To check single creator estimated spending, click the creator, switch to Trends Report, and multiply their views by 0.03 CPV.


Get creators’ contact information

Once you have a list of all the creators you want to partner with, you can get their contact details in two different ways.
The first way is to go the creator's page where you can find their contact details, usually their emails.
The second method is to export a list of the contact details all at once.

Individual contact details

Mass export for list of creators

Missing contact details?

In case the contact details are missing, you can contact us through the chat and our team will provide all the details you need as soon as possible.

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