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At ThoughtLeaders, we offer two avenues to connect with audiences in the creator and influencer marketing space.

1. Advertise in Our Newsletters

We curate two newsletters that cater to distinct audiences within the creator economy:

Weekly Industry Newsletter

Our Weekly Industry Newsletter delivers insights into the influencer marketing landscape and the creator economy. With a dedicated audience of thousands of subscribers, this newsletter is an essential resource for those working in influencer marketing. 

Monthly Creator Newsletter

The Monthly Creator Newsletter is tailored specifically for creators, offering valuable insights and tips to enhance their craft. As a leader in the creative economy space, our newsletters are a must-read for top-tier creators and brand marketers.

We are featured in Teachable’s 15 Newsletters Every Creator Should Subscribe to along with Active Campaign’s Best Newsletters for Content Creators.

2. Leverage Our Platform’s YouTube Channel Contacts

Our intelligence platform houses contact information for hundreds of thousands of YouTube channels. Whether you’re looking to collaborate with niche creators or broad-reaching influencers, we can help you generate precisely targeted contact lists that align with your marketing goals. Contact us to find out more.