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Industry Trends
February 8, 2023
min read
Eitan Ellis

YouTube's top 6 music teachers

The digital age has been revolutionized by the influence of YouTube in many ways, particularly in how we can process information and learn new things on our own, without the inconvenience of leaving our homes or paying for 3rd party services. This phenomenon affects everything we do today and has empowered individuals to realize their potential by forcing them to consult “how to” videos instead of immediately calling (and inevitably paying!) a professional. That means you can simply ask YouTube "how to learn music" or "how to play the piano" and you will find some content to guide your journey.

As a result, the vertical that has been arguably the most affected by this societal shift is music classes. For the first time ever, we have the unique ability to teach ourselves musical instruments, free of charge, under the virtual tutelage of a passionate pro. This new freedom is becoming increasingly popular by viewers, with no indication of slowing down. In fact, we can gather from our trends page that YouTube content featuring “music” AND “tutorial” has enjoyed constant and consistent growth across mentions, sponsoring brands and thought leaders: 

YouTube musician

The rise in interest and activity for online music tutorials represents ample opportunity not only for those of us looking to pick up an instrument, but also for the creators who can make the best relevant content. Like in all things growing in popularity, some simply do it better than others, so without further ado, here are YouTube’s top Music Teachers. 

1. Adam Neely:

Adam Nelly YouTube channel

Adam is a NYC based composer and bass player with a highly engaged audience and massive fan base, standing at 1.32M subscribers. Adam’s channel is reserved for the more advanced YouTube music students, as he focuses more on music theory, going into specific details and styles of past musicians. 

Adam’s ability to produce high amounts of quality content, mixed in with his popularity and professionalism, has scored him some great sponsorships with brands focused on learning, such as Skillshare and CuriosityStream

Adam Neely sponsored brands

For a taste of Adam’s high paced and high level musical lessons, check out his latest video here:

For sponsorship enquiries: Interested in working with Adam Neely? Click here to learn more.

2. Marty Schwartz:

Marty Schwartz YouTube channel

Marty Music is a content machine and a massive channel, standing at an impressive 2.81M subscribers. Marty’s channel is focused on improving his viewers abilities and musical knowledge by not only showing how to play a song, but how to go about the practical issues of guitar, like tips for changing snapped strings. Marty’s passion and promise to strengthen his viewers musical muscles has made his channel a hot destination for YouTube guitar instruction across all skill levels. 

Marty has attracted awesome music brands to partner with his channel such as DistroKid, American Musical Supply and many others: 

Marty Music sponsored brands

Check out a popular guitar instruction video from his channel here:

For sponsorship enquiries: Interested in working with Marty Schwartz? Click here to learn more.

3. HDpiano:

HDpiano YouTube channel

HDpiano has been posting content since 2008 and is now definitely one of the most established and respected piano tutorial channels, with over 1500+ song tutorials and 1.31M subscribers. They are credited with inventing Hybring Piano Lessons and claim to make the easiest, clearest, most accurate piano tutorials on the planet. Posting two new songs a week, HDpiano allows its viewers to learn their favorite songs from home pain-free and in HD.

Here’s a link to their latest video, where they teach how to play “It Must Be Love” by Madness:

For sponsorship enquiries: Interested in working with HDpiano? Click here to learn more.

4. The Online Piano & Violin Tutor:

The Online Piano & Violin Tutor YouTube channel

This is the channel of UK based professional musician, Alison Sparrow. Alison’s channel takes it one step further by offering lessons for both piano and violin, a fact that expands her audience type and shows just how talented she really is! Alison is a former examiner at the very prestigious London College of Music and has authored a number of instructional books, making her channel a trusted and reliable source for quality piano and violin tutorials. Alison includes downloadable sheet music with all of her videos so you can follow along and learn at your own pace. 

Check out Alison’s most recent lesson and violin comparison here:

For sponsorship enquiries: Interested in working with The Online Piano & Violin Tutor? Click here to learn more.


 COOP3RDRUMM3R YouTube channel

This mega popular channel standing at 2.62M and subscribers and 30K+ projected views per video, is the go-to home for everything drums. The channel is hosted by Casey Cooper, a 27 year old drummer from Atlanta. On top of being the face of his own massive tutorial channel, Casey is a professional instructor for Drumeo- a company that specializes in online drumming tutorials. Casey posts everything from in depth lessons, to song covers to videos of his own live performances! The channel’s goal is to not only provide instruction and entertainment but to also encourage viewers to step out of their comfort zones and learn a love for the drums. 

Casey is also known for his awesome giveaways, so if you're a fan of both the drums and free gear make sure to check out his channel page! You can also get a taste from his latest video right over here:

For sponsorship enquiries: Interested in working with COOP3RDRUMM3R? Click here to learn more.

6. Andrew Huang:

Andrew Huang YouTube channel

Andrew is a partially deaf musician from Toronto who works with a variety of genres and instruments. Andrew has become one of the best known music production personalities on YouTube, amassing 2.2M subscribers for his diverse content that ranges from the exploration of music composition to understanding synth concepts, to finding fun ways of making music with dolphin noises. Andrew mizes his tracks with both well known and unorthodox gear, making his channel a source of knowledge and inspiration in addition to tutorials. 

Andrews channel has become the best place for tips for musicians, producers, songwriters and really anyone interested in the art behind making music. His popularity has allowed him to partner with really great brands, particularly the electronic music tool hub, Arturia

Andrew Huang sponsored brands

For sponsorship enquiries: Interested in working with Andrew Huang? Click here to learn more.

YouTube has truly become a multi-use format that offers so much more these days than cat videos. I encourage everyone to check out these creators and utilize the power of the internet to learn new skills for free! These were just a few of my top YouTube music teachers- let us know who your favorites are. 

If you are a brand interested in working with the best YouTube musicians, get in touch and we can help you find the right creators and manage your YouTube campaign. 

If you are a creator who is interested in promoting your content and partnering with the right brands, get in touch and we’d be happy to discuss your needs. 

If you are simply interested in discovering further top music channels or other similar creators, let us know! 

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