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April 7, 2022
min read
Noam Yadin

YouTubers that will help you achieve your 2022 New Year's resolutions

Ringing in 2022 has come and gone now it's time to actually commit to the New Year's goals you set for yourself. But, where do you start? 

While self-help books are a thing of the past (and will go against one of your resolutions to stop buying books and not reading them), there are hundreds of thousands of YouTube channels dedicated to helping you get started, stay motivated, and reach your  goals. 

So, whether your 2022 new year’s resolution is to get into shape or dip your toes into the complicated world of NFT, here are just a few YouTubers that will help you achieve your goals before 2023. 

Goal: Get in shape

Let’s be honest, most of us have this goal in mind going into each and every new year. But one of the big reasons it ends up falling through the cracks is because of time - “I don't have time to spend an hour at the gym four times a week”. Well, you should definitely check out Chloe Ting’s channel. This fitness fanatic, who has over 22 million subscribers, posts weekly workout videos and healthy food recipes. Best of all, most of the workouts range between 10 minutes to 25 minutes - which means you are going to have to come up with a better excuse as to why you didn’t work out this week.  

Goal: Be more productive

Whether you are working from home, adjusting to office life, or simply just trying to make the most of your day, productivity is key. There are an overwhelming number of YouTubers sharing their productivity hacks, so here are two channels to help you get started. 

Kharma Medic is a medical student juggling studies and being a full-time YouTuber. Over the years, he has shared his tips and tricks on how he manages to stay afloat. From real-time study with me videos bound to get you motivated to study along and how to time block your day to make sure you are effectively studying to digital planning and avoiding burnout, Kharma Medic covers it all.   

Matt D’Avella is a documentary filmmaker, entrepreneur, and YouTuber so he’s got a lot on his plate. His YouTube channel is filled with videos all about self-development, focusing on how to build a strong foundation to be your best self. Specifically for productivity, Matt D’Avella follows a simple productivity system, highlights 4 rules you should follow to increase productivity, and exposes triggers you should avoid if you want to stop procrastinating

Goal: Cook more

Joshua Weissman just gets it - everyone wants to start cooking more at home but we want it fast, somewhat healthy, and well, not boring. From easy healthy meals and easy authentic Thai green curry to making the Taco Bell Quesarito at home to making KFC hot chicken tenders at home, you are bound to get inspired (and hungry) with this channel. 

Goal: Budget effectively

Whether you are determined to pay off your debt or simply want to make better use of your paycheck, there are a few YouTubers who can help you get started on reaching your money goals. 

If you are looking for aesthetically pleasing, effective ways to reach your financial goals, check out Aja Dang’s channel. Aja recently uploaded her 2022 financial tracker setup, which takes you through sinking funds, income tracker, ultimate financial goals and of course, short-term financial goals. 

However, if you just want the information without the fluff, Nate O’Brien is the channel for you. From 7 Items to buy that make you money to 3 strategies that made my $1 million, this YouTuber knows how to deliver the information we all want in a simple, somewhat short manner. 

Goal: Read more books

Honestly, whether you want to read more books or not, you should definitely check out Jack Edwards’ YouTube channel. This book lover added a twist to the booktuber-sphere by incorporating a pop culture aspect - instead of the usual 22 books to read in 2022 or monthly TBR’s, Edwards created a celebrity book club in which he reads books he saw famous faces reading. This unique take on book recommendations is sure to help just about anyone fall into the rabbit hole of reading. 

Goal: Invest in NFTs

NFT entered the mainstream late in 2021 and made a huge splash (even topping the words of the year, standing in the number one spot). So, it’s no surprise that going into 2022, many individuals are looking to dip their toes into this new, quite overwhelming virtual experience…and, just like me, don’t know where to start. 

Max Maher’s channel is overflowing with information about crypto - everything from the best crypto portfolio to best ways to store your crypto safely. Over the last few months, he also started sharing insights into NFTs - my personal favorite, How to buy and sell NFTs for profit

Goal: Start a YouTube channel 

TikTok may have exploded in 2021 (and looks like it isn’t slowing down in 2022) but YouTube continues to be the number one platform for creators - both as a way to share long-form content and bring in the big bucks. 

If you decided that 2022 would be the year you finally launch your YouTube channel, you should definitely jot down some pointers from Cathrin Manning. She covers all the bases when it comes to “I want to start a channel but don’t know where to begin’ - everything from how to use keywords on YouTube to her very real editing process. 

Goal: Actually use the planner I bought

You bought a Leuchtturm1917 with the hopes of finally giving bullet journaling a try but, you are staring at the blank, dotted pages and don’t know where to begin (what if you mess up? Does the index come before the keys?). Bullet journaling is a great way to not only stay organized and keep up with all your outlets (work, personal, goals, hobbies, etc), but you can do so in whatever way works best for you - calendars, lists, colorful, black and white, simple, filled with stickers…the skies the limit. But, it can be quite overwhelming at first so here’s a few pros on YouTube: 


AmandaRachLee has been setting up her bullet journal for years, taking her viewers step-by-step through the process of creating each template. Although her style is a little bit more artistic, she highlights the basics and consistently emphasizes that it took her months to really nail what works for her. 

If you are looking for an easy beginner-friendly bullet journal set up, check out Plant Based Bride’s channel. Her channel and videos are very aesthetically pleasing - beware, after watching her videos, you will not only want to start bullet journaling but also starting a sewing journal and reading journal.

Goal: Take time to do yoga 

During these stressful, uncertain times, many many decided to start incorporating yoga into their daily routine. With many yoga studios closed, a great way to stay consistent with this goal is by subscribing to yogis on YouTube. Yoga with Adriene uploads a yoga-based video daily touching on everything from stretching and morning yoga to yoga for when you’re feeling scared and blanket yoga. 

Although they are called ‘New Year's Resolutions’ it's never too late to pick a goal and find ways to stay consistent with it. YouTube is a great place to learn about potential new goals, find channels that will help you reach your set goals and inspire you to stay consistent. 

So, what’s your 2022 goal? Let us know!

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