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Published on 
December 10, 2021

Top 5 LGBTQ+ podcasts of 2021

Pride is celebrated during the month of June, but that doesn’t mean the LGBTQ+ community takes a hiatus during the rest of the year. There is much more to this community than just “coming out” stories, especially on podcasts. According to Eva Bloom, “[They] allow you to listen, learn, and be immersed in queer community, without any expectation that you participate in the conversation beyond listening” . 

As can be seen from the graph below, there is a significant increase in the number of podcasters creating content relating to ‘LGBTQ’. From a historical look at LGBTQ+ movies and unique tax challenges the community faces to getting answers about burning questions you were too afraid to ask, there is seriously a queer podcast covering just about everything (and more). 

LGBTQ+ podcasts
Increase in the number of thought leaders creating podcasts relating to LGBTQ+

Whether you are looking to surround yourself (erm, ears) with queer friends, wanting to learn more about the pride community or simply want to support and celebrate LGBTQ+ podcasters, here’s a round up of the five best LGBTQ+ podcasts: 

Food 4 Thot

Hosts: Tommy Pico, Fran Tirado, Dennis Norris II, and Joe Osmundson

Don’t let the name confuse you, this podcast has little to do about food (they just really liked the pun). The idea behind this podcast stemmed from a discussion about how “intellectual spaces rarely allowed for conversations about things typically considered, well, not so intellectual”. While Tommy, Fran, Dennis and Joe enjoy talking about all-things queer theory, they also love spilling the tea (or Rose) about Beyonce, 90’s R&B and, lightly put, absolute trash. 

Food 4 Thot podcast

Making Gay History

Host: Eric Marcus

History lovers, this one's for you! Eric Marcus brings LGBT history to life by putting a spotlight on the lives of trailblazers who made their mark on the LGBTQ civil rights movements but were completely sidelined from historical textbooks. Let’s just say, you will learn things your history teachers failed to mention. 

Making Gay History podcast


Host: Cameron Esposito

Let’s lighten up the mood. Stand-up comedian and actor, Cameron Esposito, shares heartfelt conversations with a wide range of members of the LGBTQ community, including Olympic figure-skater Adam Rippon and musician singers Tegan & Sara. If it wasn’t already clear, Esposito doesn’t shy away from asking her guests any juicy questions or delving into their darker pasts. Queery was categorized as one of the “best LGBT podcasts” by and was nominated as a Podcast Award 2020 winner. 

Queery podcast

A Gay and a NonGay

Hosts: James Barr and Dan Hudson

Back in 2017, James Barr and Dan Hudson started recording A Gay and a NonGay and today it is known as one of the leading LGBTQ+ podcast. Every week, Barr and Hudson take a very close look at “day to day life, differences in perceptions, homophobia, coming out, mental health and lighter topics like dating”. These two friends focus on talking openly and creating discussions around promoting equality while making their listeners laugh. Remember - “love is love and gays and non-gays can be friends”. 

A Gay and a NonGay podcast

Wanna Be on Top?

Host: Shea Coulee

If you loved Drag Race All-Stars 5 champ, Shea Coulee, you will love this podcast! Coulee shares her deep love for a different competition/reality-show, America’s Next Top Model. Each episode is split into two parts, the first takes a look back at classic, unforgettable moments from the reality show and the second dives into all-things makeup and style. This podcast promises to bring laughs, style, pop culture and everything in between. 

Wanna Be on Top? podcast

If you are looking to enter the queer-niche on podcasts, definitely keep these recommendations in mind. These informative, eye-opening, sometimes even hilarious, podcasts are worth checking out even when Pride month comes to an end.

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