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August 13, 2021

Top 3 Female YouTube Creators We’re Loving Right Now

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As we enter Women’s History Month we are honored to create a space to cherish the contributions of women to events in history and contemporary society. With this in mind, we’d like to take the opportunity to highlight 3 top female YouTube creators who are currently triumphing the sponsorship space - and who’s channels you should check out right now. 

When it comes to female content creators on YouTube the space is saturated with makeup hacks, try-on hauls, and lifestyle vlogs. However, we hand-picked a refreshing mix of women across a range of categories aimed at providing viewers with educational and engaging content beyond the stereotypical female content that most expect. 

Without further ado, let’s jump straight into the deep end. Womens’ History Month, we’re ready for you.  

1. NerdECrafter

To kick things off in the running for top female creator in sponsorship is NerdECrafter! Anyone looking for a fun yet down-to-earth DIY channel has come to the right place with Jackie. She’ll not only walk you through some of her very own DIY creations but also review craft kits!

From the very first glance we see incredible repeating brands who are coming back time and time again. What’s interesting is that these brands are not necessarily what we’d think would work with NerdECrafter which tells us something every brand likes to hear: she can SELL. Notable brands include Skillshare, Raid, Raycon, and once again Squarespace.


Best Performing Videos Breakdown

According to our platform, she’s got over 1 million subscribers and an average of 287,000 views.

Her most viewed video is I Buy & Review ALL Moriah Elizabeth Pickle Merch with over 1 millions views (1,100,083 to be exact!)

Runner ups for most popular videos include the following: 

Cash or Trash? Testing 5 Dollar Store Craft Kits Crayola 1$ 674,397 views

TOO BIG! Unboxing TikTok New Favorite Mini Brands Mystery Boxes 654,556 views

Is It TRUE? Testing Rares in Mini Brands Mystery Boxes Unboxing TikTok Trends 634,605 views

Cash or Trash? Crayola Advent Calendar 2020 569,404 views

With the growth of TikTok and short, fast-paced content in general, keywords such as “hack” or “DIY” have soared, as people have flocked to create and consume short videos to make your life easier from the comfort of your own home. This means that over the past couple of years the concept of crafts in general has grown beyond just a way to entertain your kids on vacation, but a semi-addictive outlet to both save money and the planet in one fell swoop. With this in mind, we’re digging NerdECrafter (and, clearly, we’re not the only ones!)

2. Emmymade

Next up, we had to get a food channel for a spot on the top 3 female YouTube creators we’re loving right now. Emmymade makes and tastes novel and curious foods so you don't have to and with 2020 being the year of at-home cooking and baking restaurant-quality food, Emmymade definitely had you covered. 

When it comes to sponsorship, Emmymade has got brands wrapped around her little finger! Notable brands include HellFresh, Audible, Skillshare, GlassesUSA, and even ExpressVPN. Similar to NerdECrafter, when we see brands who wouldn’t necessarily fit Emmymade’s niche, this tells us that this girl could sell a garbage bag, her audience relationship is that strong!

Best Performing Videos Breakdown

According to our platform, she’s got over 2 million subscribers and an average of 229,000 views.

Her most viewed video is Are 15-Hour TikTok Potatoes Worth Making? with a whopping 1,421,478 views. What makes Emmymade a unicorn in the food category is her ability to create the perfect length videos so that anyone watching can follow a recipe without getting too lost. As well, she ensures that her inspiration comes from her fans. Communicating directly with her audience, she encourages them to send her a direct message if they “have something which you think is extra special or unique in some way, or timely for me to try”. Who doesn’t love seeing their foodie dreams become a reality? 

Runner ups for most popular videos include the following: 

SPRITE Pie | TikTok Recipe Test 1,022,914 views

Are 100-Hour Brownies Worth Making? 895,753 views

TikTok Potato Chip Mashed Potatoes - Just Add Water?  715,712 views

DIY Hot Cocoa Bombs | $5 Edible Gifts 570,528 views

3. Physics Girl

Lastly, we have Physics Girl! Dianna Cowern shows us how the world works by using everyday experiments to demonstrate basic physics concepts. Dianna is an MIT graduate who completed a research fellowship at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics. Although statistics surrounding women in the science field have grown exponentially in the past few years, there’s no doubt that we need more women in STEM. With this in mind, role models like Physics Girl are so important and an invaluable addition to the YouTube space. 

We once again see big brands popping up for sponsorships again and again! Notable brands include big names such as CuriosityStream, Squarespace, 23andMe, Audible and Brilliant!

Best Performing Videos Breakdown

According to our platform, she’s got over 2 million subscribers and an average of 39,000 views.

Her most viewed video is The Most EXPLOSIVE Holiday Gift Ever; Making A Volcano From Wrapping Paper  with currently a grand total of 280,313 views which makes sense because who wouldn't want to watch someone make a volcano from wrapping paper?! Another thing that makes Physics Girl such a great female creator is the educational side of the channel, with Dianna Cowern covering much of the AP syllabus in her videos!

Runner ups for most popular videos include the following: 

Gravity and Orbital Mechanics 85,337 views

Circuits, Voltage, Resistance, Current 65,531 views

Rotation and Torque 53,830 views

Conservation of Energy 50,586 views


So there we have it. Our glorious top 3 female YouTube creators who are crushing it in the sponsorship space! With categories running from General Knowledge to Crafts to Food, these female showstoppers have definitely got you covered. When it comes to female YouTube talent, most are lumped into either the “makeup” category or the “family vlog” category. However, in our top 3 we see a refreshing mix of female creators; namely, three professional women, each proving a wild success in their own industry and sharing their vast, unique knowledge with the world. And while they’re doing that, they’re crushing the sponsorship space in the process! 

If you're a brand looking to get some female attention in the sponsorship world, head over to ThoughtLeaders to kick start your empowering sponsorship journey!

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