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Industry Trends
December 8, 2022
min read
Noam Yadin

The ultimate gift guide for content creators

What more do content creators need than a microphone, some earphones, a camera, and editing software? While we believe that you don’t need much to be a successful online creator, there is definitely a wide range of products and services that can truly help an influencer become a more efficient, high-quality, multi-facet creator in 2023. 

So, what do you buy a content creator? We put together a holiday gift guide that highlights the perfect gift for pretty much any kind of creator - podcaster, blogger, YouTuber, TikToker, Instagram influencer, and more. 

For the content creator


Price: $119.99 for Canva Pro Plan

Let’s be honest, the best thing you could get a content creator is a never-ending stream of content ideas but, since that’s not entirely possible. The next best thing you could gift a creator is an all-in-one content creation platform that will help them create engaging videos, thumbnails, social media posts, blog headers, podcast logos, and so much more. 

Although creators can use Canva for free, Canva Pro gives users unlimited access to premium content - honestly, once you step into Canva, you will want to get your hands on the Pro plan as quickly as possible. Pro users have access to 100+ million premium photos and audio, over 600,000 premium templates, easy resizing options, and the ability to remove the background of images. The best part is? No wrapping paper is needed (although you could probably design one on Canva!).

For the streamer

Gaming chair

Price: $300+

Streamers are sitting for long periods of time - occasionally even losing track of time. However, when they finally get up, their back will definitely be feeling the hours upon hours of sitting in an unsuitable chair. The thing is - when deciding what to purchase for themselves in order to create better streaming content, an ergonomic chair probably isn’t very high on the priority list. 

Our recommendation: Secretlab Titan  

So, do your streamer friend a favor and buy them a seat that will save them the back pain. The ideal chair for streamers will provide lumbar support and have high-density foam which will offer better contouring and comfort. 

For the podcaster


Price: Pricing is based on transcription hours - the Creator package gives the user access to 10 hr/month of transcription hours ($144 a year) while the Pro package offers the users 30 hr/month of transcription hours ($288 a year).  

Do you know that person that is constantly telling you they want to start a podcast but is worried about the podcast editing process? Well, this gift will ensure they have no more excuses why not to start a podcast. 

Descript is an all-in-one podcast editor that enables users to edit their content just as they would edit a word document. Media is uploaded or recorded directly in Descript and instantly transcribed so tweaks and adjustments can be made directly on the content. If you’ve ever attempted to edit a podcast, you would know the hassle that is listening through the audio file, hearing a mistake, needing to rewind and re-listen to the section over and over until you get the edit just right. Well, with Descript, you can not only hear the mistake, but actually see it in the transcription - saving you so much time and energy. The platform also offers screen recordings, as well as social clips/templates - so you can pretty much do all the heavy lifting from one platform.  

For the TikToker

Rotolight Ultimate Vlogging Kit 

Price: ~ $80

Every TikToker needs a tripod and good lighting - well, look no further. The Rotolight includes both a ring light (which has LEDs with exceptional color tone and accuracy) and a mini desktop tripod that can grip a phone, light and microphone. Unlike standard tripods/ring lights, this one is compact and easy to take on the go - no need to block traffic in order to get that perfect shot. 

For the blogger

Price: $74/month for Pro Plan

In short, allows users to generate human-like text in seconds and can be used to create better social media posts, stronger emails, and optimized blog posts. For bloggers, this software can catapult the success of their blog thanks to hundreds of templates, help from AI and SEO, and the speed in which everything takes place. So, whether you know of a blogger that is planning on focusing on SEO in 2023 or simply wants to push out three times the amount of well-written blogs - add this platform to your cart. 

For the YouTuber

Adobe Premiere Pro 

Price: $240/yr

There are so many different kinds of editing softwares and each creator has their own preference and price range. However, influencers across the board have agreed that Adobe’s Premiere Pro is one of the best on the market. This editing software enables both aspiring creators and professionals to create high-quality content thanks to an array of tools and features. 

Thing is - it's quite pricey for a creator that is just starting out - so give them that push by gifting them with a year-long subscription. 

This holiday season, instead of constantly asking that one family member ‘how do you actually make money as a content creator?’, give them a boost and gift them something that will help them succeed. 

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