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Published on 
December 10, 2021

The current state of cryptocurrencies in podcasts

The last few years have been all around cryptocurrencies. The investment vehicles have been an attraction for a new generation of investors attracted to the potential of incredible returns (perhaps unaware of the dangers of incredible losses) and the inbuilt rebellion that comes with challenging the status quo. A world of content has emerged around the subject and in this piece we will focus on the impact of podcasts on the space. Here are a number of key trends taking place.


In the ThoughtLeaders platform, we are tracking incredible growth in the number of podcasts tackling the subject. In the chart below we are including podcasts that mention the keywords crypto, Bitcoin, Ethereum or Dogecoin. 

Podcasts mentioning crypto, bitcoin, ethereum or dogecoin

There were some early birds on the topic such as The Bitcoin Knowledge podcast who were talking about bitcoin four days after it was created. We can only hope they stopped the podcast in March 2020 after making tons of money with their knowledge.

The Bitcoin Knowledge podcast

Most cryptocurrency podcasts came to the party significantly later, with a definite boom since the pandemic hit. All time, we are now looking at 7,651 podcasts with over 65k episodes covering the subject.

The Elon Effect

It’s not a major secret that people pay attention to Elon Musk when it comes to all things crypto, but you might not realize how much. Of the 7651 podcasts that have mentioned the keywords we outlined above and over 65k episodes, over 5,600 podcasts have mentioned the keywords in conjunction with Mr. Musk across 17k episodes.

Podcasts mentioning Elon Musk

Where are the wallets?

Considering the absolute boom in cryptocurrency-related content on podcasts, the places where they are stored are comparatively absent from the conversation.

Cryptocurrency wallets mentioned in podcasts

Here are the top six crypto wallets available. As can be seen by the image above, Coinbase is the only brand that has really made a significant impact in the space. It has appeared on roughly 10% of the available podcasts and around 5% of the available episodes. However, when you compare this to their presence on YouTube, we can see there is still a lot of work to be done on podcasts.

Mentions of cryptowallets on YouTube

Even more revealing is when we only look at mentions of the wallets inside the content itself, excluding mentions featured in the show notes. It’s pretty clear to see that the crypto-wallets appear at a much lower value.

Cryptowallets mentioned in YouTube content itself

In the super-fast developing world of crypto-podcasts, there is huge room for growth amongst crypto-wallets to develop a market position. 

Who’s leading the way?

Below is a chart of the leading finance brands appearing in podcasts related to crypto, Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dogecoin. What may come as a surprise is that GameStop, an electronics retail brand, made the list. Yes, I know it’s not a finance brand but in 2021 it definitely competed in this field. 

Leading finance brands appearing in podcasts

We can see that, in terms of mentions, the under-represented wallets are still topping the charts which goes to show just how much empty space there is for brands to align themselves with one of the fastest growing content segments there is.

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