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Marketing Tips
October 10, 2023
min read
Noam Yadin

Marketing toolbox: The tools you need to be using in 2023

Just like a dentist needs a variety of tools to clean teeth or a carpenter depends on various dangerous saws and drills to build a house, a marketer needs to ensure they have the right tools in their toolbox to drive more traffic and convert leads. 

Whether you are new to the industry or simply want to revamp your current tools, here are the top marketing tools you need to be using in 2023. 


A customer relationship management (CRM) platform includes a bundle of tools that help businesses perform marketing and sales activities, including lead generation, lead nurturing, and email campaigns. 

When deciding on a CRM tool, you want a platform that provides:

  • Insights into customer behavior

  • Ability to track tasks that needs to be accomplished for customer satisfaction

  • Simple processes for employees to interact with customers

Our recommendation: Hubspot

Hubspot platform

Hubspot stands out for two reasons: the brand is built around inbound marketing (attracting potential customers by creating valuable content and experiences tailored to them) which we love and for their awesome free plan. This CRM platform offers free marketing, sales, and customer service tools in one place without time limits or expiration dates. 

Hubspot pros and cons

Copywriting tool 

Writing up a creative, powerful, lead generating marketing copy isn’t for everyone - that’s where AI copywriting tools come in. Bloggers, copy writers and of course content marketers are using these AI tools to write content, blog posts, emails, and even social media ads. 

When deciding on a copywriting tool, you should pay attention to

  • Application of human creativity 

  • Language options

  • Quality of content

  • How long it takes to generate content

Our recommendation: Anyword

Anyword platform

Anyword is quickly becoming the leader in the AI-based copywriting market as it has one feature that helps it easily stand out - its predictive performance score tool. In other words, the platform will evaluate the performance of the generated content and give it a numbered score. This score gives you insight into how well the copy will convert the audience - the higher the number, the greater the chance of a conversion. Aside from this stand-out feature, Anyword lets users create ads, social media content, long-form blog posts, landing pages, product descriptions and even cold emails. 

Anyword pros and cons

Design Tool

Today, you don’t need to hire a professional designer to create beautiful, creative designs for your company. Whether you are a professional graphic designer or just starting off, graphic design software can help you stand out in the industry. 

When deciding on a design tool, make sure it’s

  • Easy to use/learn

  • Free trial allows you to test out the features

  • Has the option to customize from scratch or work from a template

Our recommendation: Canva 

Canva platform

Canva is the ultimate free online design tool that is packed with great features for designers at any level. The clean, simple interface allows users to design social media posts, presentations, marketing materials, planners, videos, and so much more. You have the option to start from scratch or get inspiration from thousands of templates. With access to fonts, filters, icons and graphics, even the most novice designer can create a masterpiece.   

Canva pros and cons

Our recommendation: Visme

If you want to create professional marketing material, including decks, infographics and of course, social media posts - you should definitely give Visme a try. Visme helps companies produce high-quality assets thanks to a library of templates, stock images and even ready-made samples that just can be customized accordingly.

Visme pros and cons

SEO tool

When it comes to digital marketing, search engine optimization is one of the most important skills because it is the key driver to getting website traffic. Thing is - it takes a long time to master. But, SEO tools help guide digital marketing specialists with keyword research, website auditing, and competitive research. 

When deciding on an SEO tool, you want a platform that:

  • Is easy to use and understand

  • Shares a wide range of insights 

  • Pays attention to backlinks

Our recommendation: Ahrefs

Ahrefs platform

Ahrefs is one of the most recommended SEO tools on the market. It is the second-fastest web crawler (the first being Google) and has the best user interface that is easy to use and comprehend. SEO experts depend on Ahrefs for backlink audits, competitive analysis, keyword research, and SEO analyzer that ensures your site is running optimally. 

Ahrefs pros and cons

Content planning tool

In order to create content that is scalable, repeatable and, of course, effective, you need to plan out your content and content strategy. Using the right content planning tool can help you streamline your content marketing and create efficient, effective content. 

When deciding on a content planning tool, make sure the platform allows you to:

  • Stay on track

  • Ensure your content is consistent 

  • Keep an eye on your objectives/KPI’s

  • Delegate tasks to team members

Our recommendations: Trello and Airtable

Trello and Airtable platform

We’ve tried many, many content planning tools and we found ourselves returning time and time again to both Trello and Airtable - killer combo. 

If you are a more visual planner - Trello is the tool for you. This tool allows users to organize their content using the Kanban approach using cards. This technique gives users a clear flat-lay overview of the content plan, allows for easy collaboration, and ensures you are keeping up with your tasks. 

Trello pros and cons

Airtable, on the other hand, is like Excel on steroids. Although Excel isn’t the first tool that comes to mind when talking about content planning, you’d be surprised. Airtable can organize just about everything - content planning schedule, brainstorming ideas, breaking down tasks, and data. The best part? Airtable offers users a variety of different templates that help you get started (because no one likes to look at a blank document). 

Airtable pros and cons

Email marketing tool

It may be 2023, but email marketing is still one of the most powerful marketing tools. It is a great way to build an online community and strengthen the relationship with your clients. But, in order to harness the power of email marketing, it’s important to use the right platform. 

When deciding on an email marketing tool, make sure the platform:

  • Integrates with other platforms

  • Shares reports and insights into receiver behaviors

  • Is easy to use and customizable

  • Educates you on best practices

Our recommendation: Mailchimp 

Mailchimp platform

Mailchimp is currently the best overall email marketing software on the market because it has all the features businesses needed, without being too complicated. Through Mailchimp, businesses can customize campaigns, schedule them according to the optimized time, and get reports that include open rates, click-through rates, unsubscribe rates, and more.    

Mailchimp pros and cons

LinkedIn Marketing tools

LinkedIn marketing is the process of using LinkedIn to make connections, generate leads, improve brand awareness, foster business relationships and partnerships, share content, and drive traffic to your website.  LinkedIn is a professional networking platform and it has all the features of a great marketing opportunity provider.  LinkedIn marketing can help businesses reach a more professional audience, specifically target their audience, and take advantage of unique advertising tools.

When deciding on an LinkedIn marketing tool, make sure the platform:    

- offers a range of features    

- can automate targeted lead generation  

- smart emailing tools for messaging campaigns.    

Our Recomendation: LinkedHelper    

Linked Helper is a powerful automation software that can help businesses generate leads and build an efficient sales strategy on LinkedIn. With Linked Helper, marketers can visit targeted profiles, like posts and articles, leave comments, and send contact requests even if they are not online. The software also provides personalized messaging and tagging, making it easy to manage and track outreach campaigns. Overall, Linked Helper is a valuable tool for businesses looking to improve their LinkedIn marketing efforts.

Social media planning tool

From creating content for a wide variety of social platforms to keeping up with the analytics, managing your company’s social media can get quite overwhelming. Luckily, social media planning tools can help you stay afloat, save some time and ensure your content reaches the right audience at the right time. 

When deciding on a social media planning tool, you want a platform that can:

  • Manage all your social media channels in one place

  • Schedule content (bonus points if it can optimize the best time to post)

  • Provide analytics and reports

Our recommendation: Hootsuite

Hootsuite platform

Hootsuite is one of the biggest social media management tool - used by over 15 million people! The main reason why people depend on it? Its an all-in-one platform that allows users to create content, schedule content (at optimal engagement times), and get reports about the social posts you created. It’s also important to mention that Hootsuite users can easily monitor multiple accounts, making sure you are keeping up with posting regularly across all your platforms. 

Hootsuite pros and cons

Cookie-less marketing solutions tool

Cookies 'help' publishers and advertisers learn more about consumer audiences and 'help aid' in targeting consumers with 'relevant' messages. However, with the upcoming third-party cookies ban, advertisers, brands and publishers are helplessly looking for alternatives. This year is all about preparing your brand and marketing efforts for the cookie-less future - and we have the solution.

When looking for a cookie-less solutions tool, you want a platform that:

  • Doesn't depend on cookies whatsoever

  • Has an overload of data (cookie-less of course)

  • Keeping up with consumer trends and behavior

Our (unbiased) recommendation: ThoughtLeaders

ThoughtLeaders platform

ThoughtLeaders has created an industry-leading marketing solution that uses data to illustrate the power and potential of digital content, to allow you to reach your target audience at a time where they'll be most receptive to your messaging. Our deep dive into the content allows you to find the perfect context for promoting your brand, to connect with customers without relying on cookies.

ThoughtLeaders pros and cons

If you'd like to get more information about our platform, don't hesitate to reach out.

The marketing tool that does it all? Unfortunately there isn’t one. But, a combination of the tools mentioned above can help you become a big player in the industry.

If there are any tools you can’t imagine living without that we might have missed - reach out and let us know!

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