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May 22, 2024
min read
Noam Yadin

Kid YouTube channels

Kid YouTubers and kid YouTube channels are continuing to rise in popularity! These talented kid YouTubers have captivated millions of young viewers with their fun and engaging content. From imaginative play to toy reviews and catchy songs, these channels offer a world of excitement for children. Here are the best kid YouTubers who have a massive following and jaw-dropping viewing rates. 

Kid YouTube channels

Kids Diana Show

Subscribers: 112M

First published: May 12, 2015

Eva Diana Kidisyuk, or Diana, leads several YouTube channels that create roleplay-oriented children's content. Kids Diana Show is her main channel, currently ranking as the 6th most viewed and subscribed channel on YouTube. Diana's videos include children's songs, unboxing, vlogging, and educational entertainment. Check out her most popular video, Diana and her Barbie Car - Camping Adventure with an astonishing 1.9 billion views.

Like Nastya 

Subscribers: 106M

First published: December 14, 2016

Like Nastya's channel offers a delightful mix of travel videos, dancing, and doll and toy reviews, which is incredibly entertaining for young viewers. At just 9 years old, Anastasia Radzinskaya has already amassed an impressive average of 11 million views. Enjoy her highly popular video, Nastya and Papa Sleeping at Farm Sheep which has garnered 935 million views.

Vlad and Niki

Subscribers: 98.1M 

First published: April 28, 2018

Vlad and Niki, a sibling duo, share incredibly fun and entertaining videos on their channel. From playing in inflatable playhouses to running a kids cafe, their content is sure to bring a smile to children's faces. They even travel to exotic countries! Translated into 18 languages, their most-viewed video, Vlad and Niki - New Funny Stories About Toys For Children has reached 1.1 billion views.

Ryan's World

Subscribers: 35M 

First published: March 16, 2015

Considered the OG kid YouTuber, Ryan's World started uploading content in 2015 and has since gained over 35 million subscribers and a staggering 56 billion views. Ryan's channel is known for his adventurous spirit, crazy family activities, and engaging challenges. Don't miss his most popular video, Huge Eggs Surprise Toys Challenge with Inflatable water slide which has amassed a whopping 2.1 billion views.

Smile Family

Subscribers: 22.3M

First published: March 14, 2018

Smile Family's channel is all about having fun! These kid YouTubers enjoy activities such as camping, dressing up in costumes, running their own pizza restaurant, and playing with colorful fruit drinks. Despite being a newer channel, they have already garnered over 22 million subscribers and a billion views. Be sure to watch their popular video, Sasha Play with New Cat Bus and Sing a Song with 306 million views.

Diana and Roma

Subscribers: 23.6M

First published: March 2, 2017

One of the most famous kid YouTubers is this sibling duo, better known as Diana and Roma. This Ukrainian YouTubers have over 23 million subscribers and have racked up over 1 billion views in 2023 alone. The family channel has been dubbed into many languages, including Hindi, Japanese, Indonesian, Russian, and even Arabic. Check out their video, Diana, Roma and their Beach which has over 335M views!


Subscribers: 7.0M

First published: September 20, 2011

Evan Moana, better known as Evan Breeze, gained fame through his internet challenges and review videos. With over 7 million subscribers, EvanTubeHD has captivated viewers with over 4.5 billion views in 2023 alone. Watch his most popular video, World's Largest Gummy Worm vs. Kid! with an impressive 145.3 million views.

Jason Vlogs

Subscribers: 17.2M subscribers

First published: September 5, 2015

Jason and his brother Alex create entertaining and educational videos for kids. Their channel showcases fun adventures, exciting challenges, and hilarious skits with an educational twist. Join them in their video, Playing with Stacking Rings for Children which has garnered a remarkable 479.5 million views.

Gaby and Alex

Subscribers: 17M

First published: April 23, 2016

British siblings Gaby and Alex have been delighting audiences for over a decade. They love playing with toys, singing catchy baby songs, and creating entertaining content. With a combined net worth exceeding $10 million, these talented siblings have captured hearts with their video Bath Song - Kids Song - Gaby and Alex which has reached an incredible 1 billion views.

Hailey's Magical Playhouse for Kids

Subscribers: 2.2M

First published: March 12, 2015

Hailey's Magical Playhouse is all about fun and imagination. Hailey enjoys playing with toy Barbies, pretending to run a toy car wash, learning about fruits and vegetables, and, of course, playing with her brother. Join Hailey in her video Fun Pretend Play with Dolls, Are you Sleeping Brother John which has garnered 129.3 million views.

Is there anyone you think we missed from this round up of the best kid YouTubers? Let us know

Over the past few years, more and more creators have been growing their channels as kid YouTubers, and more and more brands are interested in sponsoring kid YouTube channels. The kinds of brands we see that are regularly sponsoring makeup YouTubers include Spin Master, Mattel, Anki, and many more.

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