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Tips For Creators
August 16, 2023
min read
Noam Yadin

How much money does Ryan Trahan make?

Ryan Trahan is a YouTuber, entrepreneur and social media personality who gained major recognition for uploading vlogs, challenges, and comedy-style videos on YouTube. He started his channel back in late-2014 and currently stands at 13M subscribers!

Trahan actually started his channel as a track and field athlete, sharing vlogs, interesting information, and promoting his entrepreneur idea (more on that later). Then, in mid-2017, the YouTuber shifted to more challenge-style videos such as Copying Emma Chamberlain’s Instagram for a Week and I Swapped Lives with my Girlfriend for 24 hours. Today, Ryan Trahan is well-known for his uber-successful Penny Challenge series and attempting (and usually succeeding) over-the-top challenges, like I Built a Survival Shelter and I Spent 50 Hours in Total Darkness

Today, Ryan Trahan has accumulated 2B views, getting an average of 4.9M views per video. So, you are probably wondering - how much money does Ryan Trahan make?

How much does Ryan Trahan make from YouTube Adsense?

If you just focus on YouTube’s AdSense, the creator’s income depends on his RPM (revenue per thousand video views). So, how much money does Ryan Trahan make per video? If Ryan Trahan's RPM is approximately $5 and he gets an average of 4.8M views per video then each video brings in over $24K from YouTube ad content - all those ads in the beginning and middle of the video - alone. 

How much money does Ryan Trahan make from sponsorships?

Throughout his years on YouTube, Ryan Trahan was sponsored by a number of different brands, including NordVPN, Honey, Squarespace, Audible, and even Raycon. Due to his super high average viewership, it’s pretty clear that this YouTuber made quite a load of cash from brand sponsorships. 

Here’s a look at Ryan Trahan and Honey’s partnership:

How much does it cost to sponsor Ryan Trahan?

Over the last few years, Ryan Trahan has reduced significantly the number of sponsorships he features on his channel. However, the brands he does partner with saw major success on this channel. Let’s use our YouTube sponsorship calculator to understand just how much a partnership placement is worth on Ryan Trahan’s channel. 

Filling out our YouTube sponsorship calculator, you may have noticed that unlike many other calculators available across the web, we take into account projected views, placement of the ad, and YouTube category. Why? Well, these elements share a ton of information - 

  • Projected views: Our algorithm’s goal is to determine how many views the next video on that channel will receive within its first 90 days. This helps brands better understand how a video on that channel will perform if you booked a sponsorship with them today. The algorithm offers a conservative estimate which favors advertisers so it analyzes the expected reach of any channels you are interested in booking. By plugging in the channel’s URL, its projected views will be automatically calculated and included in the computation. 
  • Placement of the ad: Each placement - pre-roll, mid-roll, post-roll - has its pros and cons, as well as, different price tags. In short, usually mid-rolls are more expensive than post-rolls. So, it's important to take this into account when understanding the rate of a specific creator. Most of Ryan Trahan’s sponsorships are mid-rolls - so you do the math. 
  • Category: Type of content the channel focuses on; It is crucial to take this into consideration when negotiating partnerships because it clearly highlights the audience profile, brand profile, and brand variety. Also, each content category is priced differently - for both brands and creators, it’s crucial to start the negotiation process with this clearly highlighted. 

Ryan Trahan’s follower count continues to grow and he receives a pretty comfortable amount of views per video, making it very clear that Ryan Trahan is quite an expensive influencer to sponsor on YouTube. According to our YouTube sponsorship calculator, an ad placement on this channel is worth $0.018 CPV. That means that with Ryan Trahan’s current average views, a sponsorship on Ryan Trahan’s channel stands between $85750 to $120050. So, this YouTuber’s annual earnings reach over $500,000 just from brand sponsorships. 

How evergreen is Ryan Trahan’s content?

Evergreen content on YouTube refers to videos that remain relevant and valuable to viewers over an extended period. We recently introduced a new measurement tool - the evergreen score - which computes the data and helps you understand which videos are on the trajectory to continue to get views over time, and which videos have lost their appeal and flatlined (available in our paid plan). We also introduced another feature - back catalog views which is the channel's total views in the last 30 days, minus the views of the videos published within the last 30 days. This gives you a good idea of how evergreen the channel's content is (available in our free plan). 

Over the last 30 days, Ryan Trahan's channel received 72.76M back catalog views. To put this in context, during the same period of time, this channel accumulated over 92M total views, meaning that his back catalog content received 79% of his total channel views over the last month.

Ryan Trahan's most evergreen video is I Built a Tiny Ecosystem which currently stands at 11.26M views. According to our views over time graph, although this video had a slower start, it received a major increase in views about a month after it was first uploaded (January 19, 2023). Since February 2023, it saw a consistent increase in views.

Why is the evergreen score relevant for Ryan Trahan?

Well, who doesn’t want to create content that will continuously remain interesting, and continue to get a consistent amount of views? Evergreen content can help creators continue earning Adsense revenue long after that video is published. Ultimately, this will help creators maintain a consistent income flow - independent of how their future videos will behave. 

Now, let’s put things into proportion - not every influencer you see on YouTube makes this kind of money (so, don’t quit your day job just yet). However, over the last few years more and more YouTubers have understood the power YouTube holds - and the doors it can open - and focused strongly on their strategy in order to amplify their paycheck. So, where can you begin? Check your YouTube sponsorship rate and reach out to us so we can help you strengthen your influencer marketing or help you begin integrating with brands. 

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