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Industry Trends
March 8, 2023
min read
Elad Schulman

How much do family YouTube channels make

Family channels, which are made up of vlog-style family channels as well as children-centered channels, are simply irresistible for viewers of all ages - there is something about peeking into the lives of another family that sparks our curiosity and gives us a heartwarming feeling. It’s become common knowledge that family channels are able to make a lot of money on YouTube, but exactly how much is a lot? And where exactly is this money coming from? 

Vlog-style family channels:

Vlog-style family channels give viewers the opportunity to see the regular day-to-day life of other parents. The channels are incredibly popular because they normalize many of the difficulties surrounding parenting - meal prepping, keeping the house clean and organized, and entertaining the children. It also never hurts to see a wholesome family prank now and again. Here are some of the most popular vlog-style family channels that are bringing in a pretty hefty income from their lifestyle: 

Aspyn and Parker

Aspyn and Parker is actually the second channel to Aspyn’s main channel, Aspyn Ovard. On Aspyn’s main channel, she creates lifestyle content, and on her joint channel with Parker (her husband) she shares family-style vlogs. Aspyn and Parker have documented every part of their lives together, including their wedding, pregnancies, and family vacations. 

Aspyn and Parker have been uploading content onto their channel for over 8 years, meaning that she’s also had years to build up different streams of income. Along with their vlog channel, Aspyn also has her own online clothing store, Luca and Grae, and both Aspyn and Parker regularly share sponsorships on their various social platforms. 

On their vlog channel, Aspyn and Parker’s top sponsorship by far is with HelloFresh. The two have worked together 40 times and have succeeded in receiving over 12.2M views. Aspyn and Parker almost always make sure to mention just how quick and easy HelloFresh makes the cooking process. Also, Aspyn and Parker mention how they have different diets - Aspyn is vegan and chooses to get the vegan option from HelloFresh, while Parker can get the regular box for himself. They also note how HelloFresh has a line of kid-friendly recipes (since many parents know the difficulty of introducing new food into their children’s diets). Long story short, we’ll definitely be seeing a lot more of HelloFresh on Aspyn and Parker’s channel in 2023. 

With the help of ThoughtLeaders’s YouTube sponsorship calculator, we estimate that an ad placement on Aspyn and Parker’s channel is worth $0.017 CPV, which means that with Aspyn and Parker’s current average views, the suggested ad rate is between $4,312 and $6,037. However, Aspyn and Parker’s biggest source of income is most likely from ad revenue - their estimated revenue from ads is $180K a year

The ACE Family

The ACE Family is one of the most well-known family channels with 18.7M subscribers, and this family loves to film family pranks, challenges, and much more. The ACE Family have been uploading content onto their channel since 2016, and 

In addition to the revenue they receive from YouTube, The ACE Family also has their own merchandise, like a lot of other YouTubers, though the majority of their income comes from YouTube ads and sponsorships. 

The ACE Family’s top sponsorship is with Best Fiends, who they have worked with three different times. Their partnerships have successfully racked up over 18M views. Best Fiends has actually been working with content creators since its release, and The ACE Family is a prime example - their first sponsorship with the app was in 2017. 

With the help of ThoughtLeaders’s YouTube sponsorship calculator, we estimate that an ad placement on The ACE Family’s channel is worth $0.026 CPV, which means that with their current average views, the suggested ad rate is between $23,287 and $32,602. Just like Aspyn and Parker, the ACE Family’s prime source of income comes from Google AdSense - their estimated ad revenue is also $1.4M a year!

Roman Atwood Vlogs

Roman Atwood loved to try out challenges and pulling pranks on his friends and loved ones, which is what gained him such a large following. Today, Roman’s vlog channel has become his main channel that he posts on (his channel Roman Atwood has been inactive since 2016), and Roman shares videos about his family life. 


Along with his YouTube channel, Roman Atwood has also recently started his own podcast titled The Roman Atwood Podcast, and he and his wife also have their merchandise line called “Smile More”. Roman has also released his very own app named Smile Inc., which brings in income from in-app purchases and advertisements.

Roman’s estimated ad revenue is $2,000 a day, which comes out to be about $730,000 a year, from ad revenue alone. Along with that, Roman has the occasional sponsor on his videos, and with the help of ThoughtLeaders’s YouTube sponsorship calculator, we estimate that an ad placement on Roman Atwood’s vlog channel is worth $0.026 CPV. This means that Roman’s suggested ad rate is between $23,287 and $32,602 for a single sponsorship.  

Children-centered family channels: 

In the last few years, there has been a rise of children-centered YouTube channels, where the children engage in fun and over-the-top activities (think dressing up like superheroes and riding in toy trucks around the neighborhood). These channels have millions of subscribers, and, with that, are making millions of dollars each year. However, seeing a sponsorship on these channels is incredibly rare, since their audience isn’t old enough to target in this kind of way. So, here is the way that these channels are still considered some of the top earners on the platform, and just how much they are actually making: 

Vlad and Niki

Vlad and Niki, two Russian-American brothers, started their channel in 2018 and gained their first million followers in a number of weeks. Today, their subscriber count is at 90.6M, and no doubt that number will continue to grow. Vlad, 9 years old, and Niki, 7 years old, upload videos that show them playing with toys and showing off their daily adventures.

The two actually have 21 channels on YouTube in 18 different languages - which means that they are bringing in ad revenue from each one of these channels. Additionally, they also have an app under the same name, Vlad and Niki, which contains a number of games that children can play and enjoy, and recently negotiated an agreement with Playmates Toys, a Hong Kong-based toy business. Their products are now distributed on Walmart, Target, and Amazon, and you can also buy their merchandise that is catered for kids on their website. 

What is probably Vlad and Niki’s top income is their ad revenue from their numerous YouTube channels. In a month, it’s estimated that Vlad and Niki earn $4.78M, and in a year their income from Google AdSense is about $71.69M. Guess now we know how they afford to buy all those toys. 

Like Nastya

Like Nastya is probably one of the richest children out there. At only 8 years old, she already has 10 YouTube channels, which have almost 300 million subscribers collectively. Nastya’s Google AdSense from her biggest channel, the one based in English, is estimated to be around $80.23 million a year.

But where else is Like Nastya’s income coming from? Well Like Nastya also has her own app - a multi-genre game that follows Nastya, her dad and their favorite cat Funny in four different mini-games. Like Nastya also launched her own NFT line, named Nastya’s Originals. She also signed an exclusive global deal with IMG a few years ago to develop a line of licensed consumer products, from toys to even homeware. 

Kids Diana Show

In just 7 years, Kids Diana Show surpassed a YouTube milestone that most creators can only dream of - surpassing 100 million subscribers. Diana’s content includes children's songs, unboxings, vlogging, educational entertainment, and roleplays, and she is also regularly joined by Roma, her brother who also has his own YouTube channel. Diana and Roma also have numerous joint channels in different languages as well, though none with the same amount of success that Kids Diana Show sees. 

In 2020,, a media company focused on kids, partnered up with Diana to make their new brand, Love Diana. Love, Diana has consumer products, a mobile game, and a 40-episode series combining live-action and animation. The show is available on YouTube, as well as Prime Video, Roku, PlutoTV, Xumo, and Samsung TV+. To top all of that off, the revenue from Google AdSense that Kids Diana Show sees is estimated to be $112M a year, making it pretty simple to call Diana a child millionaire. 

One thing you can say for certain is that these YouTubers have found success big-time, whether you’re talking about this new form of child stars or families that have made their living out of sharing almost every aspect of their lives. 

If you are a brand or creator interested in giving our YouTube sponsorship calculator a try, be sure to check it out. If you are a brand interested in working with the top YouTubers in the family channel niche, get in touch and we can help find the right creators for you. 

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