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Tips For Creators
November 8, 2023
min read
Noam Yadin

How can YouTubers use ChatGPT for content creation?

ChatGPT, an advanced AI language model developed by OpenAI, has completely revolutionized the online world. Essentially, ChatGPT is a chatbot that can provide human-like responses and assist with a wide range of language-related tasks. From generating recipes to crafting professional emails, ChatGPT has become the go-to, one-stop-shop for pretty much anyone and everyone.  

And, ChatGPT isn’t just for asking random questions or simply chatting with a friendly bot. It can actually be used to help you create content. Although it can’t actually create the videos for you, it can help with many of the other tedious parts of content creation. 

How does ChatGPT work?

ChatGPT operates like a digital wordsmith on your team. It uses sophisticated algorithms to analyze heaps of text data, learning the nuances, patterns, and relationships between words and phrases. With this knowledge in its digital arsenal, ChatGPT crafts responses that sound remarkably human, tailoring its output to the style and content of the input text you provide. It's like having a creative AI partner that understands language and can assist you in generating engaging scripts, answering questions from your audience, and adding a touch of linguistic finesse to your YouTube content.

How do you use ChatGPT?

Using ChatGPT is as simple as having a conversation. You start by typing a question, a prompt, or a message, and ChatGPT responds with text that's relevant to your input. Whether you need help generating video ideas, writing engaging scripts, or answering audience questions, ChatGPT has your back. It's like having an AI assistant at your fingertips, ready to assist with all your content needs. You can keep the conversation going, providing additional context or prompts to get the exact content you want. It's a user-friendly tool that can add a creative twist to your YouTube content effortlessly.

The key to having success using ChatGPT is - learning and understanding how to craft the prompt effectively. That’s where this guide comes in handy. Here are 10 ways YouTubers can use ChatGPT and prompt examples to achieve the best ChatGPT responses. 

6 Ways YouTubers can use ChatGPT

1. Content brainstorming/video ideas

Whether you are in the midst of a creative slump, simply want to try creating something new, or just starting out - ChatGPT can generate video content ideas for your specific niche. YouTubers simply explain the topic they plan to focus on and ask the AI tool to generate a given number of YouTube video ideas around that theme or topic. 

Example ChatGPT prompt

“I am a BookTuber looking for new video content ideas. Come up with 10 YouTube video ideas around the topic of Thanksgiving.

ChatGPT’s response

2. Generate scripts for videos

Many YouTubers can agree that scriptwriting is one of the most tedious parts of content creation (and many even skip this process altogether). However, a script ensures you are touching all the points you want to get across and makes sure your tone and style stay consistent throughout the video. 

ChatGPT can assist you in writing video scripts by providing engaging introductions, explanations, and conclusions. This AI tool focuses only on the important elements of the specific topic (making sure you don’t ramble) and even includes the creative elements that you may have missed. 

According to YouTubers already using ChatGPT for scriptwriting, it’s important to feed the AI tool the following:

  • Who is your audience
  • What is your topic
  • Tone/voice/style of your video
  • Title of your video
  • Details and outlines 

Example ChatGPT prompt:

“I am creating a video about YouTube SEO where I show other YouTubers the different ways they can leverage SEO strategies to drive more YouTube videos views and optimize their channel. Can you create a script for this YouTube video about YouTube SEO? 

Tone/voice/style of your video: Down-to-earth, casual, friendly 

Title of your video: Optimize your YouTube channel with YouTube SEO 

Audience: YouTubers

ChatGPT’s response

3. Generate engaging video titles

Optimizing your video titles is crucial for YouTube SEO. SEO-optimized titles incorporate relevant keywords, ensuring that the video ranks higher in search results and is more discoverable. They act as a roadmap, guiding viewers to content that aligns with their interests. YouTube's algorithm also uses titles to determine the video's context and relevance, impacting its recommendations. A well-crafted video title not only attracts a target audience but also establishes the video's topic, making it more likely to be clicked and watched. In essence, SEO-friendly titles are the key to increasing a video's visibility, views, and overall channel success.


Your video titles should include:

  • Strategic keywords
  • Enticing phrases
  • Trending topics
  • Clarity and relevance

Thankfully, ChatGPT can help you craft strong, strategic, SEO-focused video titles - saving you the struggle. The AI tool can give you suggestions for strong video titles, optimize the title you were initially considering to use, and even list top YouTube videos with titles that include your keywords in them (a little bit of competitive research is crucial for YouTube success). 

Example ChatGPT prompt:  

“I am creating a YouTube video about traveling on a budget, sharing tips, tricks, and hacks to traveling for less. Generate 5 potential YouTube video titles for traveling on a budget that is SEO-friendly and optimized for YouTube’s algorithm.”

ChatGPT’s response:

4. Generate descriptions for your videos

Just like with video titles, video descriptions should also be SEO-friendly. SEO-optimized video descriptions not only help videos rank higher in search results but also provide viewers with a clear understanding of what the video is about. This, in turn, improves the likelihood of attracting the right audience to the content. Furthermore, YouTube's algorithm relies on the information provided in descriptions to identify the video's relevance and quality, influencing its recommendations to a broader audience. By crafting SEO-friendly video descriptions, YouTubers enhance their video's discoverability and reach, ultimately driving more views and engagement on their channel.

But, writing SEO-friendly, interesting, enticing descriptions for each video can become a time consuming, laborious process. ChatGPT can generate YouTube descriptions that fill all the criteria's mentioned above. 

Example ChatGPT prompt:  

“I am creating a YouTube video about traveling on a budget, sharing tips, tricks, and hacks to traveling for less. The title will be ‘Traveling on a budget: top 10 money-saving tips’. Please generate a video description for this YouTube video that is SEO-friendly and optimized for YouTube’s algorithm.”

ChatGPT’s response:

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5. Audience analysis

At the end of the day, you are creating content for your audience - yes, you are creating content you love and enjoy, but the content must resonate and interest your audience in order to succeed. Most YouTubers have a basic understanding of their audience - gender, age range, country - but in order to have higher retention rates, a strong evergreen score, and consistent viewership, you need to really know your audience.

Interestingly, ChatGPT can help you better analyze your target audience and suggest channel strategies that cater to their wants and needs. 

Example ChatGPT prompt:

“My YouTube channel focuses on health and fitness, with videos on workouts, meal prep, workout gear and clothes. As an expert in audience analysis, please suggest a content strategy for a YouTube channel targeting females interested in fitness between the ages of 20-35. Identify their likely preferences, concerns, and areas of interest.”

ChatGPT’s response:

6. Responding to comments 

Engaging with your audience is key to building a loyal, growing following on YouTube. And, one of the easiest ways to engage with your viewers is through the comment section. Do you struggle to craft responses that don’t feel repetitive, have a consistent tone, and are filled with helpful information? ChatGPT can generate friendly engaging responses to viewer comments. 

Example ChatGPT prompt:

“Generate a friendly and engaging response to a viewer’s comment on my YouTube video that reads, ‘I love your baking videos! What is an alternative for cornstarch?”

ChatGPT’s response:

From generating engaging video titles and descriptions to inspiring fresh content ideas, providing assistance with scriptwriting, and helping with SEO optimization, ChatGPT proves its versatility. This AI tool simplifies tasks, liberating YouTubers to focus on what they do best – creating captivating, informative, and innovative content that resonates with their audience. As ChatGPT continues to evolve, it promises to remain an indispensable resource for YouTubers, facilitating content creation, enhancing audience engagement, and contributing to the success of channels across the platform. 

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