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Tips For Creators
October 18, 2023
min read
Noam Yadin

Halloween YouTube ideas for the spooky season

Are you grappling with cobwebbed corners of creativity, desperately seeking the perfect potion to concoct a spine-chilling sensation this Halloween season? Fear not. 

In this digital age, YouTube has become a hub for all-things Halloween. Whether you're a content creator seeking to bewitch your audience or a devoted viewer in search of spine-tingling entertainment, the Halloween-themed content available on YouTube is nothing short of a trick and treat. From hair-rising makeup tutorials to haunted house walkthroughs, Halloween-focused content on YouTube is endless. 

But what type of spooky content can fit your channel/niche? 

Here’s your ultimate guide to Halloween YouTube content

Gaming channels

Get your viewers into the spooky, creepy season by giving your gaming world a Halloween makeover. Here are a few YouTube content ideas: 

Trying out ‘scary’ games

What better way to get into the creepy mood than by playing scary games that keeps your heart racing and your eyes glued to the screen. This type of content is great because it gives viewers insight into scary games they may want to try out on Halloween. And, it is super entertaining seeing your favorite gamers react to the scary, creepy moments. 

Here’s a great example:

Spooky Halloween build hacks in Minecraft

Teach your viewers how they can transform their Minecraft world into Halloween town. This is a great way to not only share tips and tricks, but show off your Minecraft skills. For example, in October 2022, Type Craft uploaded 20 Scary Halloween Build Hacks and Ideas and it has garnered over 15M views!

Spooky Halloween themed video game levels

If you aren’t a Minecraft fanatic and simply enjoy sharing gaming insight, this is an idea for you. There are so many games that create special edition levels or full-blown games based around Halloween - everything from Mario Bros to Animal Crossing. Putting together a ‘top 10’ style video focused on ‘Spooky Halloween Themed Video Game Levels’ or ‘Top 10 Scary games’ is not only super straightforward, but very entertaining for viewers. 

Get some inspiration from this great video:

Halloween themed gaming setup

Let’s be honest, getting into the Halloween mood starts from your desk setup - you need a dark, creepy, noise-cancelling set up to truly get your heart racing. 

Here’s how Vermax built the ultimate Halloween gaming setup:

Makeup/fashion channels

This is the ideal season for makeup and fashion-focused channels because Halloween is dependent on scary face paint, creepy makeup, and of course, unique (or sexy) Halloween costumes. 

Halloween costume ideas

This is a must content idea and relevant weeks prior to Halloween. You can take this in different directions such as, Halloween costume ideas from clothes you have at home, easy last minute Halloween costumes, scariest Halloween costumes, sexiest Halloween costumes, etc. 

Roxxsaurus is the queen of Halloween costume ideas:

Unboxing cheap Halloween costumes

Honestly, this type of content is entertaining every season of the year. Seeing your favorite YouTuber buy costumes online with specific expectations and then witness them unbox those costumes live is a fan favorite, not to mention when they try on the cheap finds. 

Here’s an example:

Makeup tutorial for popular Halloween costumes

Obviously no Halloween costume is complete without accompanying it a complete make up look. Makeup routines and how-to’s have been around since YouTube first began, so its safe to say that viewers swarm to them. Especially during the Halloween season. If you are a makeup artist, this is your time to shine.  

This may be an oldie, but its a goodie:

Trying Halloween costumes from different fashion brands

From Fashion Nova and Pretty Little Thing to Zara and H&M, fashion brands are stocking their shelves (both virtually and in physical stores) with Halloween costumes. But, are they any good? 

Here’s an example from 2022:

Food channels

Now let’s get into the treat aspect of Halloween - whether you are planning on trick or treating or not, the end of October is all about spooky treats that look (and taste) like everything from ghosts and pumpkins to blood and guts. Food-focused channels can truly thrive during this season, here are some ideas you can add to your content schedule:

Halloween food recipes and snack ideas

Get everyone into the Halloween spirit by whipping up ghoulish treats. Creators can take this in different directions - Simple Halloween treats for kids, healthy Halloween treats, or Halloween feast recipes (watch at your own risk). 

Rosanna Pansino loves creating Halloween-themed videos, here are some of her ideas:

Trying Halloween themed fast food items

If you enjoy eating the food instead of cooking it, this is a super entertaining content idea. Around this time of year, fast food joints release their Halloween specials - black bun hamburgers, pumpkin styled donuts, ghost-shaped chicken nuggets, and the likes. Foodie creators can easily try out all the different kinds of Halloween-style fast-food options with videos like: 

And, if you’d like to take things one step further (or 10,000), you may want to give the 10,000 calorie Halloween challenge a try. 

Halloween candy

This may seem like an obvious one, but you can actually create content around this idea both before Halloween (where to buy the best Halloween candy or trying the newest Halloween candy) and after. 

Here are some Halloween candy video ideas:


Of course ErikTheElectric always manages to take things to the extreme, such as the challenge he attempted in 2022 - Eating 30,000 Calories of Halloween Candy in 24 Hours

Book channels

In the BookTube community, Halloween is celebrated throughout the entire month of October. While some BookTubers organize Halloween-based reading events (readathons, reading challenges, etc.) others share their favorite ‘will definitely keep you up at night’ books. 

Halloween-based reading challenges

Challenge style videos are super entertaining and are successful all year long (even if they are Halloween themed). The key is to think of challenges that are somewhat unique, but will still interest enough viewers. Here are some video ideas:

Top horror/thriller books

Halloween season = horror and thriller books. But, there are so many to choose from. Creating ‘Top X’ lists is a great way to share your expertise, create engaging content, and the best part is - you can create a ‘Top X’ list for pretty much any genre/niche/topic so its a Halloween video idea that can be used several times throughout the month.

Here are some great examples:


Travel channels can also get in on the Halloween spirit!

Here are some spooky travel content ideas:

  • Travel to haunted destinations
  • Celebrating Halloween in (specific country) 
  • Salem during Halloween
  • Best places to visit during Halloween

Take a look at this example:

Fitness channels

Believe it or not, there are a variety of different ways for fitness-focused channels on YouTube to join in on the Halloween fun. 

Halloween themed workouts 

What better way to get into the Halloween spirit than by pumping Halloween songs on full blast, getting into your spookiest workout set and doing a sweat HIIT routine. 

Tip: Whether the workout routine is completely Halloween-themed or not, it’s a good idea to somehow incorporate the keywords ‘Halloween’ into the title and description of the video for SEO purposes. 

Here are some Halloween-themed workout videos:

Staying healthy during Halloween

This is definitely a more unique idea and can be broken down into several episodes (a series of sorts). For example:

  • The healthiest Halloween treats
  • Workouts you can do while trick or treating
  • Protein-filled Halloween treats

As you can clearly see, there are an endless number of Halloween content possibilities - spooky makeup tutorials, bone-chilling haunted explorations, and spectral storytelling that send shivers down the bravest spines. Let your imagination run rampant, your camera capture the supernatural, and your editing weave the magic. So… happy haunting, content creators. 

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