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Industry Trends
December 10, 2021
min read
Orli Levitt

Discovering the right influencer discovery platform

At ThoughtLeaders, we specialize in long-form content on YouTube, podcasts, newsletters and blogs. We strive to establish ongoing partnerships between brands and content creators, to allow the brands to reach engaged audiences, and enable creators to make a living from the awesome content they are pouring all of their time, effort and passion into. Our approach has always been “sponsorship intelligence” rather than “influencer marketing”. However, there are some campaigns that benefit from social media influencers, and for those we can turn to the numerous other platforms that are designed for discovering influencers working on Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat and more! 

We wanted to offer a rundown of some of the best influencer discovery platforms on the market, to help you decide which of these would work best for whatever social media campaigns you might be running.

1. AspireIQ: 

AspireIQ streamlines influencer campaign management, making them one of the better all-around platforms. AspireIQ makes building structured relationships with different types of influencers easy through its ability to ship and track product samples and a robust influencer CRM. Influencers must meet a certain criteria in order to view brands or campaigns, ensuring a higher caliber of creators. 

A great feature on their platform is the ability to view brands’ pricing history with influencers, helping prospective brands with negotiations. 

Formats: Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat  

Network Size: 6 million influencers 

Access Fee: Unclear  

Includes CRM: Yes

2. Izea: 

Izea brands itself as the “cost-effective influencer marketing” platform. Using technology and a team of account managers, Izea helps brands and agencies construct and execute strategic influencer advertising campaigns. Creators are given scores based on their social reach so that users can get an accurate sense of the individual’s actual influence. 

Something that Izea really excels at is their campaign management tools through in-app chat, creator-specific mobile app, and the ability to commission influencers. 

Formats: Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat  

Network Size: 4 million influencers 

Access Fee: $149/ month 

Includes CRM: No 

Influencer marketing app

3. Upfluence: 

Upfluence is an influencer marketing platform that helps you search for, collaborate, and manage influencers, and is targeted towards both brands and agencies. Upfluence provides an intuitive influencer search interface, and is suited for less-mature brands who are looking for a high-performing lower-cost platform. Two benefits of the platform are the ability to contact influencers at scale, and the automation of invoicing and payments. Along with their database of influencers, the company also provides tools to help brands manage their relationships with influencers. 

Something great that Upfluence offers is a Chrome Extension which offers analytics for influencers on all major platforms including Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and blogs! 

Formats: Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, TikTok, Twitter, Pinterest, Blogs  

Network Size: 3 million influencers 

Access Fee: Starts at $495/ month

Includes CRM: Yes 

4. Mavrck: 

Mavrck is the “all-in-one” influencer marketing platform for enterprise consumer brands. Mavrck supports a full spectrum of different influencer personas, including micro, macro and mega influencers. Their detailed search features (which include demographics, performance, price) makes it easy to find the right influencers for each campaign. Their experience in the field, coupled with their powerful CRM capabilities makes them a leader in influencer marketing.

A unique feature that Mavrck offers is the ability to recruit your existing customers and have them sign on as “ambassadors”, making it feel like an advanced loyalty program.

Formats: Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, TikTok, Twitch, Blogs   

Network Size: 2.5 million influencers 

Access Fee: Starts at $2000/ month 

5. Klear: 

Klear is a platform designed to help enterprises and agencies choose the right influencers and manage these relationships. Powered by a sophisticated AI-algorithm, Klear looks at dozens of metrics to generate a 0-100 score which quantifies a user’s influence. On top of their sponsorship intelligence, they offer an account management service which includes 1-on-1 consultations with a sponsorship specialist. 

A huge benefit to Klear’s platform is their huge range of global influencers, and the ability to search in multiple languages. Additionally, their geo-locating abilities enable brands to see an influencers' footprint within a specific city.

Formats: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, Blog 

Network Size: N/A

Access Fee: Starts at $249/ month

Includes CRM: Yes 

Long-form and short-form content both have their strengths and each can offer something different when planning a campaign. We believe that long-form content serves a brand better when they really want to get their message across and build a relationship with their client base. Content creators who produce long-form content are also more likely to be trusted by their audience which can produce better results for some brands. That’s why at ThoughtLeaders we focus our attention on YouTube, podcasts, newsletters and blogs and let the companies we mentioned above take on the rest. If you interested in learning more about how our platform can help you, click here:

For a breakdown of these platforms and a couple of other leading players in the influencer discovery game, check out this handy cheat sheet for the full overview of what each platform has to offer. 

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