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August 13, 2021

Cryptocurrency or stocks - where to invest when the market is crashing

Both are crashing... but who is taking advantage of the content in the brands and creator space?

This is what I read while drinking my morning coffee:

Great morning for an investor, I know! 

I decided to check out how all these topics were being discussed using our Trend report.

Cryptocurrency, Stock Market and market crash

Mentions of “crypto” and “market crash” related keywords are almost double that of the keywords around that of the “stock market” and “market crash”. The spike of the crypto and market crash conversation is clearly trending and both brands and creators are taking advantage of this. How are the viewers reacting to this content?

Crypto and market crash

I found that even though the stock market related content has a 40% larger subscriber base (audience) compared to that of the crypto keywords, they are receiving 17% fewer views.

It must be noted however, that these viewers are responding more positively to the content around the stock market AND market crash as we can see with the 97% sentiment score (this quickly shows us relationship of the likes vs the dislikes)

Cryptocurrency creators

Creators in the YouTube community are controlling the conversation around Crypto and the market crash the most as you see below. 

Cryptocurrency content on YouTube

Seeing as "crypto" and "market crash" related content is trending I wanted to dive in deeper and see the most recent brands and publishers taking advantage of this content.

Cryptocurrency brands

It is great to see new creators coming into the community, completely owning a niche topic and developing a serious and loyal community of blockchain enthusiasts. As you can see from the image below, these top ranking Bitcoin enthusiasts have quite a large following, with BitBoy Crypto reaching over 1 million subscribers who turn to him for all-things crypto. 

Cryptocurrency creators on YouTube

Let’s zoom in on our top result and understand why BitBoy Crypto is where he is amongst fellow blockchain content creators. BitBoy Crypto has over 1,800 videos dedicated to Bitcoin, ranging from How to Profit in Crypto to Worst Coins to Invest In. This Bitcoin expert posts a new video almost every day and gets 129,000 average views. 

I think he is the best on the topic because he is known for his unbiased reviews on coins and wallets in the blockchain world, created a very warm community otherwise known as BitSquad and has been in the business since 2012. He is obviously not a rookie on the topic even though he only started seriously publishing content in 2018. 

If you don’t have time to read articles with your morning coffee simply ask Google or your Alexa “Tell me the business news” and enjoy quick snippets of the past 24 hours in the business world….try it out.

So, Stocks or Crypto, what do you buy?

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