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Published on 
December 10, 2021

What did staying at home in 2020 do for our content consumption?

Home is where the heart is….. and where the rest of me is…..all the time.

This year has been all about homelife for obvious reasons but how has the content we have consumed reacted to this new world. In this article we look at certain aspects of the new 24/7 home reality and how that has affected what we do.

Work from home

It was inevitable that that 2020 was the year of work from home. After years of change in corporate culture and the thought leadership of Chief People Officers everywhere work from home finally took off!

A small contributing factor was the global pandemic that rocked the world in late Q1 2020 and as a result we see the keyword phrase “work from home” launched into the stratosphere going 10x overnight. The initial rush around the content died down as people settled into the new normal but has stabilized. 

The light blue on the trend graph below highlights the difference in content created most pronouncedly. At the beginning of the pandemic a lot of business newsletters were addressing the subject as management globally wrestled with what the changes meant for their businesses. Once that initial fervour died down we were left with a really significant cohort of lifestyle YouTubers continuing to address the new reality they were facing.

Watch along

Many of you out there may never have come across a watch-a-long before. It is simply the act of watching an event like a sports game or the new episode of the Mandalorian with your favorite YouTuber at the same time.

It was an existing content area prior to 2020 but this past year has seen a significant and growing boom driven largely by sports fan channels. These super fans unable to go to the games themselves have taken the game day experience online. It's one aspect of what has been a huge sports content boom with fans, teams and athletes all becoming content creators and contributing to an overlapping ecosystem. We’ll be doing a deeper dive into this space in the coming weeks.

Home Cooking

What do you know we can make our own food, at home! It’s a thing. 

Needless to say we’ve been spending more time at home this year as we already looked at the work from home trend we saw earlier. 

This is definitely led by the food category on YouTube in terms of the raw mentions but what we can see we look at the number of creators we can see there have been a lot of opportunistic lifestyle creators jumping on a trend talking about home cooking.


Netflix had a great year. Considering the amount we’ve watched this year how have we not come to the end of it. 2020 was one extended netflix and chill and the data reflects this with content creators jumping on the chance to talk about people's favorite shows

Mentions of Netflix accelerated massively on YouTube in 2020 with avg monthly mentions doubling.

The hit shows of the year include Tiger King mentioned by 714 creators and Queen’s Gambit by 525.

Still the biggest show was not on Netflix at all, the Mandalorian clocked up a whopping 2698 creators talking about it.

Being at home shaped our lives and experiences in 2020, we learned how to manage our work and cook for ourselves. We learned how to support our sports teams online and we watched more Netflix than ever before.

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