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June 1, 2023
min read
Noam Yadin

Best Minecraft YouTubers

Minecraft YouTubers have gained massive followings by sharing their adventures, creations, and entertaining gameplay with dedicated fans around the globe. From Let's Plays to mod showcases, their content has showcased the limitless possibilities of the blocky universe. While the landscape of Minecraft YouTubers is ever-evolving, certain creators have made a lasting impact on the community. Here are the top 10 minecraft YouTubers who have amassed millions of subscribers and have become household names within the Minecraft realm.

1. TheAtlanticCraft

TheAtlanticCraft has over 5.7 million subscribers since starting their channel in 2012. They create engaging Minecraft content, including mod showcases, adventure maps, and role-playing series. One of their most popular videos is "Coronation Catastrophe - Kings of Atlantis" which has garnered millions of views. Their channel provides entertaining and immersive experiences for Minecraft enthusiasts.

2. Exploding TNT

Exploding TNT has gained over 8.6 million subscribers since joining YouTube in 2012. The channel is known for its humor and creativity, offering Minecraft animations, skits, and music videos. Their most popular video, "If Lava and Water Switched Places - Minecraft," showcases their comedic style and has accumulated millions of views. Exploding TNT's content brings laughter and entertainment to the Minecraft community.

3. iBallisticSquid

With a subscriber count of over 4 million, iBallisticSquid has been creating Minecraft content since 2011. The channel primarily focuses on Minecraft Let's Play videos, mod showcases, and collaborative series with other YouTubers. iBallisticSquid's charming personality and engaging gameplay have captivated a dedicated fanbase. Their most popular video, "Under the Sea - 10,000 Subscribers Special," demonstrates their storytelling skills and creativity.

4. JeromeASF

JeromeASF has amassed over 5 million subscribers since starting his YouTube journey in 2011. His channel features Minecraft Let's Plays, mini-games, and modded Minecraft series. JeromeASF's energetic and entertaining commentary has made him a favorite among Minecraft fans. One of his most popular videos, "Testing the Most Downloaded Viral Mods in Minecraft," racked up over 5M views.

5. DanTDM (TheDiamondMinecart)

DanTDM is a prominent Minecraft YouTuber with a massive following of over 25 million subscribers. Since 2012, his channel has offered a wide range of Minecraft content, including Let's Plays, mod showcases, and challenges. Known for his energetic and engaging style, DanTDM's videos have become immensely popular, with millions of views. His most popular video, "How I Met Dr. Trayaurus," was uploaded in June 2014 and currently has close to 50M views.

6. LDShadowLady

LDShadowLady has gathered a dedicated following of over 7 million subscribers since starting her channel in 2010. Her content primarily revolves around Minecraft Let's Plays, mod showcases, and creative building projects. LDShadowLady's playful and imaginative approach to Minecraft has endeared her to fans, and her most popular video, "100 Days in a Minecraft World," showcases her enthusiasm for the game.

7. Mumbo Jumbo

With a substantial subscriber base of over 8 million, Mumbo Jumbo is known for his expertise in Minecraft redstone engineering and technical builds. Since 2012, he has been providing redstone tutorials, showcasing complex contraptions, and collaborating with the Minecraft community. Mumbo Jumbo's attention to detail and innovative creations have made him a respected figure within the Minecraft community. Mumbo Jumbo's most popular video, "Minecraft: 20 More Doors in 100 Seconds", was uploaded in 2014 and continues to rack up views - currently standing at 89M views.

8. PopularMMOs

PopularMMOs has garnered an impressive subscriber count of over 17 million since joining YouTube in 2012. The channel offers a diverse range of Minecraft content, including Let's Plays, mod showcases, and exciting challenge videos. PopularMMOs' energetic commentary and engaging gameplay have attracted a large and loyal fanbase, and their most popular video, "Minecraft: More TNT Mod (35 TNT Explosives and Dynamite!)," exemplifies their entertaining style.

9. AntVenom

AntVenom has accumulated over 3 million subscribers since starting his Minecraft-focused channel. Known for his analytical approach, AntVenom offers insightful commentary on various Minecraft topics, including mod showcases, server reviews, and map explorations. His videos often provide informative and thought-provoking content for Minecraft enthusiasts, showcasing his passion for the game and its community. AntVenom's most popular video was uploaded in 2014, "Through the Night - A Minecraft Original Music Video" and currently stands at 40M views.

10. GeorgeNotFound

GeorgeNotFound has quickly risen to prominence within the Minecraft YouTube community, amassing a significant following of over 10M subscribers. Although primarily known for his Minecraft streams and collaborations with other popular creators, GeorgeNotFound's entertaining personality and skillful gameplay have made him a favorite among viewers. His content showcases his engaging interactions with the Minecraft community and highlights his journey through various challenges and adventures in the game. GeorgeNotFound has a number of extremely popular videos, but his most viewed video to date is "Minecraft, But I'm Not Colorblind Anymore" which garnered over 40M views.

Is there anyone you think we missed from this round up of the best minecraft YouTubers? Let us know. Also, if you want to get more stats and analytics for FREE, make sure to sign up here.

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