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May 22, 2024
min read
Noam Yadin

Best makeup YouTubers

What was life like before you could do a quick YouTube search - how to do a winged eyeliner? Or, easy prom makeup? Today, YouTube is filled to the brim with makeup YouTubers that love sharing makeup tutorials, honest makeup product reviews, and makeup tips and tricks. However, because there are so many to makeup YouTubers to choose from, it can get quite overwhelming. So, here are the best makeup YouTubers you should watch if you need beauty inspiration. 

Best makeup YouTubers

James Charles

With a whopping 24 million subscribers, James Charles has become one of the most influential makeup YouTubers. As the first male brand ambassador for CoverGirl, he has made waves in the industry. James Charles' channel is known for its diverse makeup tutorials, product reviews, and exciting challenges. His video Doing My Best Friend's Halloween Makeup has garnered a staggering 40.9 million views.

Jeffree Star

Jeffree Star is a makeup YouTuber renowned for his no-nonsense, brutally honest approach to all things makeup-related. With 16 million subscribers, his channel features makeup tutorials and product reviews. Jeffree Star has also ventured into the world of entrepreneurship, founding his own successful makeup brand, Jeffree Star Cosmetics. His video Full Face of Brands That Hate Me has accumulated 44.8 million views.


NikkieTutorials, a Dutch makeup artist, has amassed 14.1 million subscribers on her YouTube channel. Known for her incredible transformations and engaging content, she offers makeup challenges, product reviews, and celebrity-inspired tutorials. NikkieTutorials gained further recognition when she was nominated for the People's Choice Award for Favorite Beauty Influencer. Her video The Power of Makeup! has reached an impressive 42.8 million views.

Huda Beauty

With 4.1 million subscribers, Huda Beauty's YouTube channel is a treasure trove of makeup tutorials, skincare tips, makeup looks for different occasions, and DIY makeup hacks. Huda Kattan's success on YouTube inspired her to launch her own makeup line, Huda Beauty, which has become a favorite among beauty enthusiasts. Her video DIY Toothpaste Blackhead Remover Test has garnered 13.2 million views.

Patricia Bright

Patricia Bright stands out among makeup YouTubers by catering to makeup newbies. With 2.8 million subscribers, her channel offers videos focusing on the basics of makeup and popular makeup techniques. Patricia also emphasizes skincare, providing tips on maintaining clear skin while using makeup regularly. Her video "10 Hacks Every Woman Should Know" has accumulated 5.9 million views.


ItsMyRayeRaye began her YouTube journey as a teenager experimenting with makeup, and she now boasts over 1.9 million subscribers. Her channel covers a wide range of makeup-related content, including eyebrow routines, makeup brush cleaning tips, makeup product testing, and first impressions. DIY Permanent at Home Eyelash Extension Application is one of her most popular videos, amassing 6.5 million views.

Carli Bybel

Carli Bybel, an OG in the makeup YouTube community, has over 6.1 million subscribers. Her channel offers a diverse range of beauty and makeup content, including tutorials, fashion hauls, hair tips, and makeup sit-downs. Carli Bybel has collaborated with numerous brands and has become a respected figure in the industry. Her video Makeup Mistakes to Avoid + Tips for a Flawless Face has gained 12 million views.

Lauren Curtis

This Australian makeup YouTuber has garnered 3.3 million subscribers with her honest beauty tips, product reviews, and makeup tutorials. Lauren Curtis' expertise extends beyond YouTube, as she has authored a book titled "LC: How to be a YouTuber," sharing valuable advice on building a successful YouTube channel. Her video Natural Prom Makeup Tutorial has achieved 11.5 million views.

Chloe Morello

Chloe Morello has been uploading videos to YouTube since 2010, accumulating 2.6 million subscribers along the way. This Australian makeup YouTuber offers a diverse range of beauty content, including makeup tutorials, special effects makeup for Halloween, pregnancy skincare routines, and glam on a time frame. Her video 16 Best Makeup & Beauty Hacks 2017! has gained 13.1 million views.

Manny Mua

Manuel Gutierrez, better known as Manny MUA, is another OG in the makeup YouTube community. With 5 million subscribers, his channel features makeup tutorials, first impressions of new products, and stunning makeup transformations. Manny MUA made history as the first male brand ambassador for Maybelline. His video World's First Foam Foundation! Hit or Miss?! has garnered 7.1 million views.

Is there anyone you think we missed from this round up of the best makeup YouTubers? Let us know

Over the past few years, more and more creators have been growing their channels as makeup YouTubers, and more and more brands are interested in sponsoring videos by makeup YouTubers. The kinds of brands we see that are regularly sponsoring makeup YouTubers include Best Fiends, Kenzzi, Revolution Beauty, Scentbird, and many more.

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