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January 10, 2024
min read
Noam Yadin

Best fitness YouTube channels to help you reach your 2024 health goals

New Years resolutions are jotted down, now comes the hard part - having to actually reach those goals and aspirations. Thankfully, YouTube is stocked up with content creators eager to help you achieve your resolutions. Especially when it comes to the goal pretty much everyone adds to their resolutions list - working out. 

Whether you are starting from scratch, eager to focus on one specific fitness regimen, or broadening your horizon and searching for a new fitness YouTuber to follow - this is the place for you (and it’s a no judgement zone!). 

Best fitness YouTube channels to help you reach your 2024 wellness goals

The best Pilates YouTube channels

Move with Nicole

With 2.3M subscribers, Move with Nicole stands out as one of the best Pilates channels on YouTube, captivating and empowering her audience with each meticulously crafted workout. Her workouts transcend the conventional, seamlessly blending Pilates principles with innovative sequences that target every muscle group, leaving participants feeling stronger, more balanced, and invigorated. This Pilates YouTuber has thousands of different videos to choose from, ensuring that her viewers constantly have a new Pilates workout to enjoy. But, her video - 30 Min Full Body Workout - currently stands as her most popular video with 10.3M views. 


With 9.4M subscribers, Blogilates stands tall as one of the best Pilates channels on YouTube, enchanting and captivating a global audience with its vibrant energy and expert instruction. Led by the effervescent fitness guru, Cassey Ho, the channel transcends the boundaries of traditional workouts, igniting a passion for Pilates in the hearts of millions. Check out her most popular video Disney Princesses Try Working Out… with 18.27M views. 

Eleni Fit

With over 800K subscribers, Eleni Fit is a Pilates channel you won’t want to skip. With each video, Eleni transforms traditional Pilates exercises into dynamic and accessible routines, catering to all fitness levels. Eleni's channel is a haven for those seeking not only physical transformation but also mental rejuvenation. You can find on Eleni Fit's channel a wide range of Pilates-focused videos, including morning Pilates flows, sweaty Barre Pilates, Pilates Barre Hiit, and her most popular video 30 min SMALL WAIST + ABS, which has a whopping 5M views. 

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Best marathon training YouTube channels

Ben Parkes

When he isn’t running 2:25 marathons, Ben Parkes is helping others achieve their marathon running goals via YouTube. This runners channel is filled to the brim with runner-focused content, including running shoe reviews, tips to running faster, marathon vlogs, and more. Ben Parkes most popular video, Runners Warm Up Routine - Quick and Easy - 4 minutes, currently has over 600K views (and will likely continue growing in popularity as more people get into marathon training). 

Ben is Running

Ben Felton proves that anyone can set a goal and make it happen. Don’t believe it? Ben documented his entire running journey - from 22-minute park runs to a sub-15 minute 5Ks - on his YouTube channel, Ben is Running. This runner shares everything you need to know to become a successful racer - training plans, running shoe reviews, running watches, and even, how he makes money as a running YouTuber. Ben’s most popular video, How to Run a Faster 5K - 5 Easy Tips! currently has 700K views and is super informative. 

Cody Trains

You probably recognize this YouTuber as Cody Ko, the uber-popular YouTuber who shares comedic reaction videos. However, in late 2022, Cody revealed his newest venture - endurance training. Ko signed up for a 60KM ultramarathon and documented his endurance training via his running-focused YouTube channel - Cody Trains. His most popular video - I Did It (729K views) - takes viewers through Cody’s long awaited ultramarathon as he looks back at the entire experience

Best yoga YouTube channels

Yoga with Adriene

With a whopping 12.4M subscribers, Yoga With Adriene is without a doubt a must-watch channel for all things yoga related. Her skillful instruction caters to practitioners of all levels, making yoga accessible to beginners and challenging enough for seasoned yogis. Beyond the physical postures, Adriene infuses her classes with mindfulness, encouraging viewers to cultivate a deeper connection with their breath and inner selves. Her most popular video - Yoga for Complete Beginners - welcomes beginner yogi's to the world of yoga and its only 20 minutes long. It's no surprise that this video continues racking up view and it currently has over 52M views.


Paula Lay, also known as yoginimelbourne, invites her viewers on a profound journey of self-discovery and inner transformation. With 255k subscribers, her soothing voice and nurturing presence creates a safe and inclusive space where practitioners of all levels can explore and deepen their practice. Each video is a work of art, carefully curated to cater to various needs and preferences. The channels emphasis on mindfulness and meditation elevates the yoga experience, encouraging viewers to cultivate inner peace and balance in their lives. Her most popular video Yoga for neck, shoulders and upper back 15min has gained a whopping 10M views. 

Travis Eliot

With 395K subscribers, Travis Eliot is a yoga channel you won’t want to skip. Travis seamlessly weaves ancient wisdom and modern insights into his practices, offering a profound and holistic experience on the mat. His classes encompass a wide range of styles, from energizing vinyasa flows to restorative yin sessions, catering to all levels of practitioners. Beyond the physical postures, Travis encourages viewers to delve deeper into their inner world, guiding them towards mindfulness and self-awareness. His most popular video - 60min. Power Yoga "Flexibility" Class - has gained 3.1M views. 

Best weightlifting YouTubers

Jeff Nippard

Science and building muscles go hand-in-hand. Jeff Nippard is not only a bodybuilder but is also an internationally qualified powerlifter with a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry. So, Nippard’s channel is a little bit different than your average ‘fitness YouTube channel’ because he focuses on the science behind growing muscles, such as: The Ultimate Science-Based Leg Day for Muscle Growth, The Worst Supplements Everyone Takes for Muscle Growth (Science Explained), and What to Eat Before, During & After Training for Max Muscle Growth

Don’t worry, you don’t need a science degree to enjoy his content - and obviously a lot of people agree because his most popular video, How to Build Muscle and Lose Fat at the Same Time: Step by Step Explained, has racked up 13M views over the last 4 years. 

Krissy Cela

Before you say to yourself - weight lifting isn’t for me - check out Krissy Cela’s channel. This fitness YouTuber will help you not only build muscle and strength (at your own pace), but she will also help you build confidence. Krissy Cela’s channel offers a wide range of ‘weight lifting’ videos, everything from insane upper body workouts specifically for women and what to eat in order to gain muscles to 30 minute full body dumbbell workouts. Her most popular video, 5 Must Do Glutes Exercises (8.1M views) will have you limping the next day. 

Omar Isuf

OmarI suf's channel focuses on muscle improvement and gain, making it suitable for individuals at any level. With 844K subscribers, he emphasizes form, nutrition, and unique workout techniques. The 4 Worst Muscle Building Workout Mistakes Beginners Make is one of his most popular videos, amassing 3.5 million views.

Best Crossfit YouTubers

Mat Fraser

Obviously if you want to be the best crossfitter, you have to follow the best crossfitter. Mat Fraser has won the title of Fittest Man on Earth 5 times and, although he’s retired from competing at the Crossfit Games, he shares all-things Crossfit on his YouTube channel. From workout routines to analyzing the Crossfit Games, Mat Fraser’s channel will surely get you motivated for Crossfit in 2024. Fraser’s most popular video, Mat Fraser’s New Home Gym Tour (1.5M views) will help you prepare your home gym for the upcoming season. 

The Buttery Bros

Marston Sawyers and Heber Cannon were formerly CrossFit HQ staff and are super impressive film makers (not to mention that they rubbed shoulders with some of the biggest names in CrossFit). So, you know there is going to be quality content. The Buttery Bros take you behind the scenes of CrossFit, sharing how some of the biggest names are training and tips to break into the elite fitness world. The Buttery Bros’ most popular video, How Fraser & Toomey Won Phase 1 of the CrossFit Games (839K views), gives you a detailed look at how the fittest people on earth do what they do best. 

Tia Clair Toomey

For all the ladies out there looking for some CrossFit inspiration, look no further. Tia Clair Toomey has won the CrossFit games six times consecutively and has even competed in weightlifting at the Rio Olympics. In mid-2023, Toomey had a baby…but she was back in the gym just a few weeks later. Tia Clair Toomey’s channel has always been a super informative, behind the scenes look at what it means to be a CrossFit athlete. But, now, Toomey’s channel shows how the fittest woman on earth is getting back into the game - her workouts, the hardships, her meals, and of course, how she balances mom life. 

Reaching your health and fitness goals doesn’t happen overnight - in fact, it can take weeks if not months to even see some progress. But, following the right YouTuber and trusting the process will surely set you on the right path. 

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