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Industry Trends
March 20, 2022
min read
Eitan Ellis

6 Crossover Stars of YouTube and Podcasts 

With the increasingly growing number of streaming formats, creators have more platforms than ever to produce and express their content. The two most prevailing formats are still YouTube and Podcasts, and not every creator has had the ability to make the seamless crossover between the two. However, the ones who have, have been able to in some cases duplicate their success and multiply their audience base.

Here are my favourite 6 crossover stars of YouTube and Podcasts: 

1. Bert Kreischer:

Bert Kreischer is one of my favourite comedians and an awesome first example of someone who truly knows how to utilize available platforms to engage and entertain his audience. The Bert Kreischer YouTube Channel started releasing content as early as 2007, and since then it has grown to 733K subscribers and 15K average views.

In 2012, Bert decided to take his Florida-man charm to the Podcast world where he would find even more success and a larger audience while having insightful and hilarious conversations with fellow entertainers.   

Both the Podcast and YouTube channel enjoyed the benefit of being able to be sponsored by many of the same brands on a repeated basis, indicating they've secured lasting relationships with quality brands. 

Bert is also the co-host of 2 Bears One Cave Podcast with fellow comedian Tom Segura, which is a significant additional source of audience growth and scaling brand sponsorships. 

For a taste of the channel, check out one of Bert’s latest videos here:

For sponsorship enquiries: Interested in working with Bert Kreischer? Click here to learn more.

2. Joey Diaz:

Joey Diaz is a comedy legend and an out of this world story teller, this is well represented on his Podcast and YouTube channel. Joey Diaz first started vlogging on YouTube in 2011 and his channel is now at 716K subscribers with 60K average views. 

His channel is also a magnet for quality sponsorships:

Joey Diaz also has a very popular Podcast called Uncle Joey’s Joint that he hosts with Lee Syatt. The two share unfiltered opinions and enjoy hilarious conversations with their guests. 

The Podcast also happens to be a very lucrative opportunity for brand sponsorship, including a lot of overlap and increase in mentions from their Youtube channel:

Check out Joey’s hilarious new material here: 

For sponsorship enquiries: Interested in working with Joey Diaz? Click here to learn more.

3. H3 Podcast:

H3 Podcast is hosted by husband and wife comedians, Ethan and Hila Klein. The channel was started in 2017, 1 year after their podcast, and has 3M subscribers and 1M average views, making it a maximum exposure guaranteed for brands. 


Their YouTube channel is just videos of their podcast but interestingly enough doesn't feature sponsored integrations. Both platforms however are also used to market their clothing brand, Teddy Fresh. 

Check out their recent video featuring Donald Trump!

For sponsorship enquiries: Interested in working with H3 Podcast? Click here to learn more.

4. Phillip DeFranco:

Philip DeFranco is an American YouTuber and online political commentator. His successful podcast started in 2018 and became a hit YouTube channel in 2019, amassing massive amounts of subscribers and very impressive average views. It's no surprise why so many brands have secured long lasting sponsorship relationships with Philip.   

Get a taste of Philip’s channel right over here:

For sponsorship enquiries: Interested in working with Phillip DeFranco? Click here to learn more.

5. Tiny Meat Gang Podcast:

These comedians are doing something right. Cody Ko and Noel Miller produce a hilarious podcast that they also upload to their YouTube channel. Their channel, started only last year, stands at 921K subscribers and 221K average views.

Many of the same brands sponsoring them on YouTube also support their podcast! 

Check out their hilarious breakdown of the Royal Family:

For sponsorship enquiries: Interested in working with Tiny Meat Gang Podcast? Click here to learn more.

6. The Official Podcast: 

The official podcast is hosted by 4 friends who discuss everything and anything they can possibly think of. Jackson, Andrew, Charlie and Kaya have found tons of success through there podcast, securing really great brand sponsorships:

Unlike many crossover stars, their YouTube Channel, Penguinz0 features entirely different content that usually consists of funny and often unfortunate videos. The channel has gained them a massive following (exceeding 8M!), driven traffic to their podcast and has supplied them with even more brand sponsorships:

Check out their fun new video comparing various Pixar moms:

For sponsorship enquiries: Interested in working with The Official Podcast? Click here to learn more.

There are multiple reasons why a creator would want to be featured on multiple platforms. The more press and verticals of engagement with their audiences, leads to channel growth and influencer scalability. However, putting the need for increasing their online presence aside, the number one reason creators release their content on more than one platform is because by simulcasting their podcasts on YouTube, they get the opportunity to cash in on both YouTube sponsorships and podcast sponsorships FOR THE SAME CONTENT!  

And if that wasn’t enough, our crossover stars can even dynamically insert additional ads on their podcast to make even more money from past content. In short for all you creators out there- the more platforms the better!

If you are a brand interested in working with the best YouTubers and Podcasters, get in touch and we can help you find the right creators and manage your sponsorship campaign. 

If you are a creator who is interested in promoting your content and partnering with the right brands, get in touch and we’d be happy to discuss your needs. 

If you are simply interested in discovering further top YouTube / Podcast crossover stars or other similar creators, let us know! 

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