Published on 
August 13, 2021

Top 5 Family Channels that we’ll be watching this year

What do Family Fun Pack, The Ace Family, The LaBrant Fam, Roman Atwood Vlogs, The Tube Family, and The Tube Family have in common? They are some of the oldest and most-watched family channels on YouTube AND they are still raking in millions of views per video every week. 

Now, what is their secret? They consistently come up with material that makes their audience fall deeper in love with their family’s quirky personalities. For example, each of these channels has created a content theme that their audience already knows what type of videos they are about to watch, yet always reached the expectation of the viewer to come back for more.

Family Fun Pack

With a strong family moto of “Fun with the Family, every day”...Family Fun Pack does not disappoint. Kristine and Matt share with their audience every day family adventures and common activities that occur with their six children. 

The channel that started in 2011, and going ten years strong, their audience has really grown with them watching family trips, drama and classic milestones everyone goes through.

The Ace Family

The “new-ish” family on this watch list is The Ace Family. This is your one stop shop to watch their family do pranks, challenges and much more. With an average of 3 vidoes every week and 7 million average views- who cant stop laughing and smiling when watching the ACE family pranks.

The LaBrant Fam

The LaBrant Fam is your classic All American Classic Cali BEAUTIFUL nucular family. They have been vlogging since early 2015 and still are getting millions of views per video and their family is killing it in the IG world. Their unique youtube hook is that all of their vidoes have SUCH catchy video titles...that make you watch the whole video to know what exactly happen for that day’s video.

Roman Atwood Vlogs

Roman Atwood’s content has been active on the youtube world since 2013 pulling pranks on his friends and loved ones… Now he knows the perfect formula to get his average 3 million views per video.  With getting real with his vlogs to hilarious pranks…His family channel is addicting to watch!

The Tube Family

Like most successful family channels on YouTube, The Tube Family has been putting out positive and daily adventures of their family weekly. Their channel is entertaining, high morals, and educational which makes them the most relatable and down to earth channels on this list. 

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