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Industry Trends
June 5, 2023
min read
Elad Schulman

Top 12 family channels we’ll be watching this year

These channels are some of the most-watched family channels on YouTube and they are still raking in millions of views per video every week. What is their secret? They consistently come up with material that makes their audience fall deeper in love with their family’s quirky personalities. Whether that is vlogging daily so it feels like you are a part of their family or focusing each video on a specific event/theme, viewers love this type of content (and that is ideal for brands looking for sponsorship opportunities).

Family Fun Pack

Subscriber count: 9.97 million

Average views: 6.7 million

With a strong family motto of “Fun with the Family, every day”...Family Fun Pack does not disappoint. Kristine and Matt share with their audience daily family adventures and common activities with their six children. The channel that started in 2011, and over ten years going strong, its audience has really grown with them watching family trips, drama, and classic milestones everyone goes through.

The ACE Family

Subscriber count: 18.8 million

Average views: 6.6 million

The ACE Family is definitely one of the most popular family channels. This channel is full of family pranks, challenges, and much more. With an average of 3 videos every week and 6 million average views, it’s pretty easy to see why viewers can’t stop laughing and smiling when watching the ACE family. Viewers almost feel like they are part of the family - except you don’t live in their mansion.

The LaBrant Fam

Subscriber count: 13.1 million

Average views: 7.7 million

Just try not falling in love with The LaBrant Fam! This family of six have been vlogging since early 2015 and still get millions of views per video. Their videos all have such catchy titles that will leave you needing to know exactly what happens in that day’s video. This family continues to grow, just like their subscriber number.

Roman Atwood Vlogs

Subscriber count: 15.5 million

Average views: 3.1 million

Roman Atwood’s content has been active on the YouTube world since 2013 pulling pranks on his friends and loved ones… Now he knows the perfect formula to get his average of 3 million views per video. Whether Roman is getting real and honest in his vlogs or playing hilarious pranks, his family channel is addictive to watch!

The Tube Family

Subscriber count: 3.88 million

Average views: 4.7 million

Like most successful family channels on YouTube, The Tube Family has been putting out positive and daily adventures of their family on a weekly basis. Their channel is entertaining, their videos are educational, and they consistently highlight the importance of good morals, making them one of the most relatable and down-to-earth channels on this list.


Subscriber count: 1.7 million

Average views: 247,000

Jonathan and Anna have been vlogging, pretty much daily, for over 10 years! Their audience of over 1.7 million subscribers has had the opportunity to see their 4 children grow up and experience the joys and excitement of childhood. From family travels, birthday parties, or just relaxing days at home, the SACCONEJOLYs don’t shy away from sharing the highs and lows of their life. 

Daily Bumps

Subscriber count: 5.11 million

Average views: 1.6 million

This family of 4 (soon to be 5) has been vlogging their family, travels, and day-to-day life since 2013. Missy and Brian make sure to show their viewers the up and down chaoticness of their life (the ‘daily bumps’ of life, if you will), making this channel honest, relatable, and heartwarming.

Family Fizz

Subscriber count: 2.4 million

Average views: 712,000

If you’re looking for a family-friendly channel filled with vlogs, challenges, pranks, comedy sketches, and more, Family Fizz is the perfect channel for you. You can tell that the entire Fizz family enjoys the content they’re making and spending time with one another, and that’s what makes their videos so genuine. 

Ellie and Jared

Subscriber count: 1.6 million

Average views: 373,000

Ellie and Jared’s YouTube journey began all the way back in 2013 when they documented the excitement of their first pregnancy, after fertility struggles and an endless stream of doctors. Today, their videos feature their two sons, with another baby on the way. Ellie and Jared make a conscious effort to document their enthusiasm for life, and the positive energy that they display on the screen is definitely contagious. 


Subscriber count: 1.19 million

Average views: 274,000 

Khoa, Keren, and their four adorable children are truly what makes this family channel so special. The channel features their daily adventures, house decor and renovations, and the occasional birthday surprise (which are usually very elaborate). Khoa and Keren have definitely succeeded in building an incredibly uplifting channel. 

The Ohana Adventure

Subscriber count: 3.75 million

Average views: 832,000

Documenting the life of a family of 8 is definitely going to make for some entertaining content, especially if it’s a family that’s always up for spontaneous adventures and trying new things. This channel features families with children that are older than some of the other family YouTube channels (the children’s ages range from 10 to 19), which can be refreshing at times!

Sam and Nia

Subscriber count: 2.56 million

Average views: 438,000

Sam and Nia are here to bring us the ‘ups the downs, the fun, and the fails’, as they put it. This family tries to make the most out of every situation (and document it in the process). Sam and Nia share their experience and tips when it comes to marriage, parenting, and the occasional bout of family drama.

Which brands are successfully sponsoring family channels on YouTube? 

Over the last few years, more and more families have opted to share their lives online via YouTube and it hasn't gone unnoticed by brands. There are a large numer of brands interested in sponsoring family channels. As mentioned earlier, this type of content is loved by viewers around the world, which allows brands to attract new, relevant and targeted audiences. The most common brands we see regularly sponsoring family channels on YouTube include, HelloFresh, Skillshare, Magic Spoon, Modern Fertility, Fetch Rewards, KiwiCo, and Best Fiends.

For example, Best Fiends, a free match-3-puzzle game that also features in-app purchases, has a history of sponsoring family-based channels. The brand has sponsored The ACE Family 3 different times and racked up over 18 million views on their videos! One of the reasons why this partnership worked so well could be because the app is appropriate for all ages, meaning that the children and the parents could enjoy the game. 

Another successful brand collaboration was Ellie and Jared’s recurring sponsorship with HelloFresh. HelloFresh is a food subscription service that sends you the right amount of ingredients and the easiest recipe to follow right to your door. This subscription service is great for parents that feel like they don’t have enough hours in the day to also go grocery shopping and plan out meals, which might be Ellie and Jared’s channel lines up so well with HelloFresh. HelloFresh has sponsored Ellie and Jared over 10 times, gaining over 1.8 million views. 

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