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August 17, 2021

5 Health brands using sponsorships to reach new customers

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The online medicine industry is thriving. Consumers are asking for it and venture-capital fundings have exceeded hundreds of millions of dollars since 2017. This industry is perfect for content sponsorship, with their business models being almost exclusively direct-to-consumer where they can easily do offers and attribution on their marketing spend.

In order to connect with audiences and to reach a new customer base each of these companies have been active in sponsoring podcasts, YouTube or newsletters.

We’re going to look at who has been the busiest in this space and what has been working for them.

1. Hims | see data

Hims is an e-commerce company selling wellness products dedicated for men - skin care, erectile dysfunction and hair loss treatments. Working with doctors, the brand sells prescriptions through their app or website. CEO Andrew Dudum founded the company in 2017 after he realized that men had much less options regarding wellness products than women. His mission was to offer easy solutions for problems that a lot of men encounter. Few months after funding, the company was already worth $200M. To date, Hims has raised $197M undefined.

Hims has been featured in 244 creators with almost 900M impressions. The creator mentioning them the most was Kinda Funny Games with 129 mentions.

You can learn more about Hims and their goal of enabling the conversation around men's health here.

Hims website

2. Keeps | see data

Keeps is a healthcare startup dedicated to help men deal with hair loss. They assist their customers from start to finish - from diagnosis to treatment. The company has licensed physicians reviewing customer’s information and prescribing products accordingly. The direct to consumer products are sold for around half price. Having raised a total of $22.8M, the company plans to expand to new products and treatments such as migraines. 

Hims has been featured in 99 creators with almost 357M impressions. The creator mentioning them the most was The White House Brief  with 18 mentions.

3. Roman | see data

Since 2017, the company’s aim is to offer personalized healthcare to everyone. Roman specializes in erectile dysfunction - providing online doctor’s consultation and prescription. Zero is a service kit helping consumers quit smoking with prescription and an app to track progress. Rory is aimed at treating menopause with prediction medication , treatments and all-natural products. The platform has 50 physicians, 10 pharmacists and has registered more than 1M patient-physician interactions. Ro has raised a total of $176 and is looking to expand to new products and prescriptions.

Roman has been featured in 75 creators with almost 392M impressions. The creator mentioning them the most was The Pat McAfee Show  with 261 mentions.

4. Hum nutrition | see data

Hum nutrition is an online platform offering innovative nutritional supplements directly to consumers. Since 2012, the company has been developing vitamin lines with leading nutritionists. Based in LA, Hum nutrition has raised $15 million to date. The company’s mission is to offer products that have beauty and also well-being virtue. Hum nutrition is now continuing research on additional supplements and is looking for a global geographic and digital expansion.

Hum has been featured in 56 creators with almost 131M impressions. The creator mentioning them the most was Tashina Combs Youtube channel with 374 mentions.

5. Nurx | see data

Nurx, a San Francisco-based digital health startup, offers more accessible and affordable birth control directly to consumers. They have 200,000 patients and see a 20% growth rate each month. The company has raised $52M to date and is valued at $300M. Besides contraception services, the startup offers STI test kits and HIV prevention medication. Nurx plans to grow its community and increase their medical team. They also aim to introduce more services in the future . 

Nurx has been featured in 48 creators with almost 36M impressions. The creator mentioning them the most was Launch Ticker newsletter with 31 mentions.

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