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Tips For Creators
June 7, 2023
min read
Noam Yadin

15+ YouTube video ideas for when you're in a content creation slump

Are you struggling to come up with new content ideas for your YouTube channel? Are you trying to grow your views and subscribers? We put together 15+ YouTube video ideas that will get you out of your content brainstorming rut. 

What topics are most popular on YouTube?

The most popular video types on YouTube are product review videos, how-to videos, vlogs, and ASMR. 

How to find content ideas

  • YouTube isn’t named ‘the world’s second-largest search engine’ for nothing - take advantage of YouTube’s incredible searching capabilities and see which pieces of content are getting the most views and what type of content are your competitors uploading. This can also easily be done on the ThoughtLeaders platform (sign up for free)
  • Comments section on youtube is a goldmine - viewers are telling you what they like and what they want to see
  • Create short form content which can give you and idea of what works/what doesnt 

So, whether your channel focuses on technology or motherhood, here are some ideas that will get you excited to make content again and help get you out of a content creation slump.  

Behind the scenes look at your creative process

One of the best things about YouTube is the fact that you can show rather than tell. So, instead of explaining step by step the process of drawing a coloring book, putting together your reading TBR, or even editing a YouTube video - you can just film yourself doing the steps you would anyways follow and voila, you have a video. 

Here’s a great example: Sarahs Day released a new athleisure line and was able to create three videos based around her new collection - a try on haul, a look at the campaign video, and a behind-the-scenes look at the filming/photography process. 

In-depth review of a product 

This content idea is great for pretty much any category on YouTube! As mentioned earlier, YouTube is the second largest search engine so people turn to this platform not only for entertainment, but also for information that would otherwise be harder to find. For example, honest product reviews, an explainer about how to actually use the product (without having to read pages and pages of instructions), and of course, seeing the product in action. 

Extra tidbit - While filming these videos, put yourself in the viewers shoes and consider what type of information you wish you knew before purchasing the product. 


This might be an obvious one, but honestly, unboxing and haul videos never get old. There’s something about getting to see what someone else bought or received that intrigues many, many viewers. Again, this type of content can work within every category - technology, lifestyle, sports, gaming, cooking, booktube, etc. 

How to style different outfits for different occasions

This idea is great for both fashion-focused channels, as well as, general lifestyle channels. Different occasions can include: Styling for the winter/spring/summer/fall, styling for summer vacations/winter vacations, capsule wardrobe, and looking chic while still comfortably being able to run after kids. 

Extra tidbit: These types of videos can easily be turned into short-form video content - great way to kill two birds with one stone, or in this case, filming session. 

Daily vlogs/travel vlogs

When in doubt, vlog. Whether its just a regular day in the life or taking your viewers to a special occasion/event, we love seeing how other people live their lives. Interestingly, many YouTubers have noted that the more ‘raw’ the vlog, the better the views. 

Here’s a great example: Jing shared just a regular day as a student at Oxford - everything from food prepping and doing laundry to studying and book shopping. Throughout the video she doesn’t even talk! However, this video currently has over 2M views.  


You can never go wrong with a Q&A and, the best part is, you can grow your audience on multiple social platforms. Invite viewers to submit questions for you to answer via Instagram and share the response on YouTube. This is a great way for your viewers to get to know you and your channel better - possibly turning them into more loyal viewers. 

Tips for productivity/organization

Everyone has their own way to stay productive and organized and, while some viewers love learning new tips others simply enjoy watching people get organized - it’s super therapeutic (both for the content creator and viewer!). 

This content idea can work for pretty much any category on YouTube - cleaning and organizing tech supplies, apps that help you stay on top of your life, organizing your makeup, how you stay productive as a student, organzing fridge and planning meals, etc. 


This is a great content idea because, as mentioned earlier, more and more people are turning to YouTube for honest reviews and answers to ‘which X should I buy?’. Instead of needing to read a ton of articles (and still feeling hopeless), viewers can get a full visual review of the product and even see it in action. 

Again, this content idea is applicable for all the categories on YouTube:

  • Beauty: Reviewing new makeup products, testing out a number of different mascaras to see which one is truly waterproof
  • Technology: Comparing an expensive product vs. the cheaper product, honest review of new laptop/phone/watch
  • Food: Reviewing Michelin restaurants, reviewing McDonalds in a different country
  • Booktube: Comparing book boxes, reviewing a highly anticipated read
  • Pets and animals: Reviewing pet products/pet food
  • Sports: Reviewing expensive running shoes vs. a cheaper one, reviewing workouts 
  • Gaming: Reviewing new games, Reviewing gaming equipment


MrBeast has proven time and time again that people love seeing challenges. Now, it doesnt have to be a full-game of Squid Games but, challenges are a great way to keep your audience engaged throughout the entire video - we want to see if you succeed or not.

Here are some challenge ideas:

  • Challenge yourself to do something during a certain time frame - for example, 24 hour read-a-thon, grocery shopping for a super short period of time and creating a meal, streaming for 24-hours
  • Challenge yourself to try a different hobby - for example, cook meals mentioned in your favorite books, switch hobbies with another creator
  • Push yourself to the limit - for example, 10,000 calorie challenge, read books completely out of your comfort zone

Make something from scratch/DIY

During 2020, when people were stuck at home, this type of content jumped in popularity and, the popularity hasn’t died down yet. Whether its ‘how to make sourdough starter’ or ‘converting my car into a camper van’ - we love seeing the process and feeling as if we could also potentially give these projects a try. 

Timelapse videos

Along the same lines as ‘making something from scratch/DIY’ (see above), viewers are not only interested in learning how to make something new, but want to see the process. This is where timelapse videos come in - show the process of creating art, writing a book, building furniture, cooking a dish, etc. 

This content idea can also work with videos unrelated to ‘making something from scratch’. It can also relate to videos showing you studying or reading a book - surprisingly, people really enjoy this type of content. For example, Joanne's YouTube channel is filled with study vlogs - everything from note-taking to 72 hour study timelapse (which has garnered over 1M views!).

Demonstrate simple recipes

You don’t have to be a professional chef in order to share simple recipes. Actually, the most popular recipes on YouTube are the easy recipes that include ingredients that we all have in our pantries. 

This content idea can easily be done by both food-related channels, as well as, lifestyle channels. 

Here’s a great example - moukuee is a lifestyle channel which features vlogs, life as a university student, and easy (healthy-ish) meals. So, although this channel doesn’t completely focus on cooking, she has managed to include recipes into her content. 

Tips and tricks

Tips to getting your baby to sleep through the night? Tips to eating healthier? Tricks to workout without feeling like your working out? Tips on how to read more books? 

You guessed it - tips and tricks based videos are great pieces of content and the best part is that it can be applied into any and every YouTube category. 

These types of videos will allow you to show off to your viewers the knowledge you have about a certain topics. In the future, if the viewer wants more information about a specific topic, they will likely return to your channel. 

Top X list 

Another great way to help out your viewers and pinpoint yourself as a leader in the field is by creating ‘Top X’ lists. You know - top editing tools, top gaming equipment, top fantasy books, best makeup removers, top horror films, etc. When a person is looking for just a curated list of the top products in a specific category - these videos are super handy. So, give your viewers what they want! 

Collaborate with other creators

Major tip - You shouldn’t view YouTubers making similar content as you as competition. Instead, find interesting ways to combine forces and create content together. By collaborating together:

  • Viewers of one channel will likely come over to your channel to watch the collaboration video, helping you grow your audience
  • The other creator may have content ideas you didn’t think about 
  • Being a YouTuber can get lonely, but collaborating with other creators can help you become part of a community

Here’s a great example - In the BookTuber community, a number of different YouTube readers have virtual bookclubs and invite other BookTubers to co-host episodes. Another example is that many BookTubers get book recommendations from other BookTubers.

Swap ____ with someone

As mentioned above, both challenge videos and collaboration videos are huge success on YouTube. So, combine the two! Have you heard of the trend ‘Swap _____ with someone’? Basically, you push yourself out of your comfort zone by leaving behind the thing you are known for something someone else is known for (just for a video, of course). Here are some ideas:

  • Fitness: Bodybuilders swap workouts with dancers  
  • Beauty: Swap beauty routine with another makeup YouTuber
  • Book: Horror readers swap to be read lists with a romance reader
  • Food: Swap diets
  • Lifestyle: Swap houses? 


Whether you like hearing someone chew their food or not, ASMR is still one of the most popular content on YouTube. Because of its popularity, content creators have found creative ways to include ASMR-style videos onto their channel - everything from ASMR for Those Who Want a Good Night’s Sleep Right Now to ASMR I XXL Ultra Long Nail Tapping

Consistency is one of the key ways to become a successful content creator and creating a filming schedule around these YouTube video ideas can help you maintain uploading consistency. Our article How can creators use AI tools to create content can also help you upkeep a consistent schedule. 

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