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  1. Linking Reports

  2. Custom Columns

FAQs - Linking Reports

How to exclude a list of channels or brands from reports?

Linking reports allows to easily exclude list of channels or brands from any report you like. This feature is available in all reports on our platform, including the Channels, Brands, and Content modules.
To exclude a list of channels with the click of a button, first you'll need to create a channel report:

Save the channel list and then easily exclude it from any report by simply adding the name of the list to the Channels filter, and selecting Reports and the 'Exclude' setting:

How to create costum columns?

Custom columns allow you to analyze the data you care about more effectively. You can creating custom metrics that focus on specific data points, providing a more personalized and insightful experience.
To create a custom column, click on the Settings Wheel icon, and then choose the "Create Custom Column" tab.