The Rules of Engagement

ThoughtLeaders' Partner Program

1. You must include a link to your custom ThoughtLeader’s purchase page from the “About” section on your YouTube channel.

2. You must ensure the ThoughtLeaders team has updated contact and shipping information at all times (Including: shipping address, telephone number and contact email).

3. You must agree to share your updated availability for at least the next 3 months with the ThoughtLeaders team.

4. You must agree to honor the deals that are delivered by the ThoughtLeaders Partner Program at the pre-agreed sponsorship rate.

5. You agree that brand deals can only be rejected for the following admissible reasons:

- If they booking comes from a brand that belong to an industries that you have declared in advance you are not interested in working with (these industries will be marked clearly on your channel page).
- The booking would contravene an exclusivity clause you have with an existing brand partner.
- You receive and test the product and feel unable to promote it to your audience in good faith.

6. You agree not to publicly promote a lower sponsorship rate on any other website.

7. You agree that if a sponsored video reaches under 50% of the projected views quoted to the buyer at the point of booking, you will release a new video integration for that brand for no further cost.

8. You agree that each sponsorship is sold with an automatic 90 day non-compete clause, preventing the sponsoring brand's competitors from working with your channel during that period

9. You agree that ThoughtLeaders may share private data points that you have provided (such as demographics and retention rates) to logged in media buyers on the platform.

10. You agree that ThoughtLeaders will be taking a pre-defined commission from each sponsorship deal secured on behalf of your channel.

11. You agree to the wider Terms of Service listed on our website.

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