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July 8, 2024
min read
Noam Yadin

Top podcasts hosted by YouTubers

We said it here first - 2022 will be the year when even more top creators on YouTube will dab their toes in the podcast realm. According to reports, 40% of audio listeners want YouTubers to start podcasts - which has led many creators to consider starting a podcast channel as it allows YouTubers to carry their following base off of YouTube and understand the potential of podcasts. 

For marketers, it’s crucial to pay attention to this flow in the creator economy. Think about it like this - podcast advertising is successful because listeners trust their favorite podcasters' opinions and can therefore recall the advertisement (48% of listeners pay more attention to podcast ads than ads on any other form of media). So, these factors become even more influential when the podcasters, who were originally well-known names on YouTube, bring their loyal followers to the podcast-sphere. These listeners already trust what the creator has to say - increasing the success rates of brand recall and engagement. 

So, for creators, stepping into the podcast sphere can strengthen their relationship with their fans, broaden their reach and increase their revenue stream. For brands, this is a great opportunity to reach KPI’s and nail podcast advertising. It’s no surprise that many talent agencies are working hard in helping YouTube creators launch their own podcasts. 

Here are a few YouTubers who have successfully stepped into the podcasting realm:

Impaulsive with Logan Paul

YouTube sensation, Logan Paul has over 23M subscribers and generates an average of 5.1M views. The 26-year old who posts expensive challenges, short vlogs, and controversial content has obviously generated quite the followers base on the video platform. He ultimately decided to generate even more outrageous content by launching a podcast - Impulsive with Logan Paul. 

According to the star, “the podcast is different than his vlogging career as the outlet allows him to talk at length, intelligently, although listeners should still expect humor, drama and, obviously impulsiveness”. 

Interestingly, since 2015, Logan Paul has only partnered with one brand on his YouTube channel- SeatGeek. However, on his podcast, the star has integrated with a wide range of brands, including Dr. Squatch, BlueChew, and Geologie. It seems like Impaulsive is not only the internet’s favorite podcast but also marketers' favorite podcast. 

The Health Code 

Sarah Stevenson started her holistic health and fitness journey on YouTube years ago and gained quite a large following (1.5M subscribers!). Over the years, she has expanded her knowledge and efforts in different businesses - all the while sticking to her niche. She has designed fitness apparel for fashion brands, created a fitness e-book, and launched a healthy recipes app.

Alongside creating content for YouTube, Sarah also records a podcast - The Health Code - with her husband, Kurt. The podcast gives the duo a chance to dive even deeper into all-things health and fitness, allowing people to get knowledgeable about holistic health from any platform they are most comfortable in. 

Anything Goes with Emma Chamberlain

It’s safe to say that Emma Chamberlain, who has over 11M subscribers on YouTube, has found the most success on the audio medium. The YouTube star is well-loved for her raw, honest videos so she decided - why not continue the trend via podcasts. 

Anything Goes is exactly as it sounds - Chamberlain has a lot on her mind and uses the platform as an outlet to get it all out. She talks about absolutely everything - thoughts, conversations, advice on specific topics, and relationships. And her 50K listeners (and podcast sponsors) love it. Over the last two years, a number of brands have partnered with the creator, including BetterHelp, DoorDash, and Squarespace

Interestingly, although the brands mentioned above are also known for sponsoring YouTube channels, they strictly sponsor Emma Chamberlain on podcasts. According to our platform, Chamberlain prefers partnering on YouTube with brands that offer physical products (Function of Beauty, Native Deodorant,  whereas her podcast sponsors are mostly services-based. 

As For Me and My House

Since starting her YouTube channel in 2014, Milena Ciciotti has focused on creating raw, uncensored videos about motherhood, beauty, and creating a Christian household. However, she, along with her husband Jordan, decided that a podcast would allow them to share their beliefs more clearly and openly. In 2019, the husband and wife duo launched their podcast - As For Me and My House - which “takes you on a raw and unfiltered journey through their lives as followers of Jesus and parents of two”. 

When it comes to brand partnerships, Milena welcomes brand sponsorships on both her YouTube channel and podcast. The brand that has sponsored As For Me and My House the most is BetterHelp (9 times) and SimpliSafe (6 times). It’s also interesting that Thrive Market has sponsored both channels - YouTube and podcast. 

Views with David Dobrik and Jason Nash

If two of YouTube’s most popular creators join forces and launch a podcast together - you know podcasts are where it's at. David Dobrik and Jason Nash’s podcast, Views, takes listeners behind the scenes of the “Youtube life” - letting fans in on personal experiences, intimate thoughts, and off-screen realities. 

For those wondering, David Dobrik took a 5-month long hiatus from the internet following the Vlog Squad’s controversy - meaning he stopped uploading YouTube videos and recording podcasts. The duo ultimately decided to return to their podcast, uploading their first episode since the controversy called David Has Left the Country


Between the Reps with Brooke Ence and Jeanna Cianciarulo

When it comes to moving fans across different mediums, Brooke Ence is your girl. Five years ago, the Crossfit athlete decided to let her large Instagram following base in on her daily life by starting a YouTube channel. Her videos allowed her bubbly, hilarious personality to shine (which many people didn’t get to see during Crossfit competitions). Fans fell in love with getting to know the real, raw, hilarious Brooke Ence which led her, and her best friend Jeanna, to start a podcast - Between the Reps

In their podcast, the duo really wants to give listeners what they want unfiltered. They share casual conversations about fitness, relationships, and life - answering all the burning questions from their fans. 

Mile Higher Podcast 

Kendall Rae is well-known on YouTube for her ‘True Crime-ness’ so when her and her husband decided to start a podcast, it only made sense for the podcast to be about true crime and conspiracy theories.  

Just like her YouTube channel, each episode delves deep into some of the world’s most interesting mysteries. Keep in mind - everyone has their own way to digest content, so while some prefer visually learning about unsolved mysteries, others enjoy listening in on them.   

Although it may seem like this creator's content is quite niche, a number of brands have seamlessly integrated with Kendall Rae (both on YouTube and podcast). Some brands that have partnered with Mile Higher podcast include Modern Fertility, Native Deodorant, HelloFresh, SimpliSafe

Pretty Basic

Best friends and YouTube stars, Alisha Marie and Remi Cruz, who have a combined following of over 15M decided to join forces and create a weekly podcast. On YouTube, the two beauties share their daily lives (separately). But, on their podcast, they promise to share with their listeners even more “tea you’re not getting from their YouTube channels”. 

With their ever-growing presence on YouTube to their successful podcast, it’s no surprise that a wide variety of brands have partnered up with this duo. According to our platform, Pretty Basic has integrated with DoorDash,, Athena Club and Skillshare

These are just a few popular podcasts that originally stemmed from YouTube channels. This natural flow of movement between mediums has helped these creators continue branching out! We cannot wait to see even more YouTubers give podcasts a go.

Did we miss one of your favorite YouTuber podcasts? Let us know! 

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