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February 22, 2023
min read
Noam Yadin

7 Podcasts to kickstart your 2022 goals

Who has time these days to read a self-help book or sit through a whole documentary about how to achieve your goals?

Many of us have a few 2022 goals up our sleeves but don’t quite have the time to work on how to achieve them. Podcasts allow listeners to catch up on the best tips and tricks, while possibly even doing one of the goals you set for yourself (listen to a podcast while on a treadmill, cooking a healthy meal, reading, investing in crypto). 

Now that you’ve considered facing your goal head-on via podcasts, where do you start?

Here are a few podcasts - everything from how to set goals to making sure you are sticking to your resolutions - that can lead you down the right path (and straight down the podcast rabbit hole). 

The Tim Ferriss Show

One of the best ways to adapt your ways and change up your routine for success is to hear what others do to live their best possible lives.

Tim Ferriss invites famous faces onto the podcast, including LeBron James, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Maria Sharapova - and they discuss the habits and routines they follow to upkeep their success. 

Delicious Ways to Feel Better

For many of us, this never-ending pandemic has taken us completely off our health game, whether that is eating healthy, working out, or simply upkeeping a somewhat healthy lifestyle (not going to sleep at midnight every night)

Ella Mills, the founder of Deliciously Ella, is here to get you back on track. Each week, an expert in the health and wellness field shares information about gut health, mental health and anxiety, why our brain needs exercise, skincare secrets, how to make changes that you can actually sustain and tips to deal with stress. 

Honestly, whether you jotted down ‘work on my health and wellness’ in your 2022 goals or not, you should tune into this podcast.  

The Lifehack Show

The biggest hurdle when it comes to creating resolutions - overcoming obstacles that may be inhibiting you from achieving your goals. This is where The Lifehack Show comes in handy. 

Each week, Ally Kramer interviews experts who share ways people can overcome obstacles and break free from limitations. This podcast will help you both set your 2022 goals as well as remind you that you are setting these resolutions as a way to make your life more enjoyable. 

Goal Digger

In the wise words of Jenna Kutcher - work shouldn’t feel like work.

Looking for a podcast that discusses the steps you should take to achieve your goals and emphasizes the importance of dreaming bigger and reaching for more? Tune into The Goal Digger Podcast.

With the help of successful guests, Jenna Kutcher shares productivity tips, business hacks, and inspirational stories that will help just about anyone get on the right track to achieve their goals - no matter how big or small (although she definitely wants you to dream big). 

Daily Boost

This is the espresso shot of podcasts 

Scott Smith gets straight to the point - hitting you with motivation unconventionally. He will “help you clarify your purpose, break through obstacles, and stay motivated”, without the extra cheesy words of advice and cute fluff. Did I mention that each episode is only about 10 minutes long? 

This is a great podcast to throw on in the morning in order to ensure you start your day on the right track. 


Wanting to get back into the gym but lack the motivation? Tune into Hurdle and you’ll be in your gym gear with your shoe laces tied in no time.

Emily Abbate sits down with inspiring individuals, including pro-skiier Lexi Dupont, Peloton instructor Kirsten Feguson, Olympics silver medalist Jordan Chiles, and many more - who open up about their biggest wins and toughest setbacks. 

The show is filled with vulnerability and motivation - the perfect combination to inspire you to be your best self, help you to deal with any challenges you may be facing, and help get you back on your feet (which should be covered in running shoes by now).

Sleep with me

With so many goals and aspirations, who has time to sleep? Sleep is for the dead, am I right? Wrong. 

From better decision-making to actually being able to exercise regularly, you need good sleep. But, when it's time for bed, your brain is probably racing with new plans, goals, ideas you want to try, making it hard to fall asleep. 

It’s time for a bedtime story. 

Drew Ackerman is an expert when it comes to helping people quieten their brain and fall asleep. His tactics? Bedtime stories. His humorous, but boring tales will help you pause your thoughts for the day and drift off to sleep. Don’t knock it till you try it!

Implementing a podcast into your day or week isn’t too much of a challenge - but it can make all the difference. This year, turn your goals into a reality…and let podcasts guide you. 

Let us know if these podcasts helped…or if you have any other recommendations 

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