Are these guys legit?

TL;DR: 100% legit.
We spend everyday helping creators to make  money from brand deals.

You might have got an email from our agency team about working with a channel. In some circumstances, you might recognize the name of the brand (we work with some big ones) and not the name ThoughtLeaders (we're still a small team that punches above our weight.)
Of course, you were brought up knowing that you can't trust everyone on the internet, and you shouldn't talk to strangers

So let's get acquainted!

We are ThoughtLeaders, a media buying agency and data platform. We run sponsorship campaigns on behalf of our clients. That means that they tell us what they're looking for, and we reach out to channels like yours to see if we can make a deal and promote that brand in your content.

How does it work?

You define the rate you'd like to be paid for the sponsorship. You get 100% of that money. (We make our cut on the other side with fees from our clients.)
You'll get paid Net + 30, which means at the end of the month after the sponsorship runs. We pay via our secure payment system, and your guaranteed to receive the money you've been promised - no horror stories of unreliable brands flaking on payment at the last minute.
Lastly, we add you to our database so that if an additional opportunity pops up in the future with another client or another campaign, you'll be our first point of call!

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