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ThoughtLeaders* Partner Program

These are creators that we have vetted and handpicked from the thousands of channels we have worked with over the years. These channels are fully endorsed by ThoughtLeaders as the top 5% of creators to work with for sponsorships. And the good news? These channels are available for your brand to book right now.

YouTube sponsorships run the right way

With almost a decade in the industry and almost $30 million paid to creators, we’ve used our expertise to create the simplest and most effective platform for securing top-tier sponsorships.

Instantly buy sponsorships at fixed prices

All of our sponsorships are offered at a fixed price, eliminating the need for lengthy negotiations and ensuring a consistent and fair pricing structure for both brands and creators.

Our pricing is determined using an advanced calculation based on each channel’s performance data. This means that your cost per view is designed to guarantee effective results for your marketing campaigns. This innovative approach ensures you get what you pay for with no surprises.

View guarantee and non-compete clause

Every sponsorship deal includes a view guarantee. This means that if the sponsored video reaches less than half of the projected views quoted at the time of booking, you receive a supplementary video from that creator at no additional cost.

We also enforce a 90 day non-compete clause on all ads, which means that any rival brands will not be able to work with a creator you have sponsored during that period.

Guaranteed live day for your sponsorships

Booking YouTube sponsorships through our platform ensures your ads meet deadlines and go live within the week of your chosen publish date. You'll always receive a draft before the ad goes live, giving you ample time to approve it and ensure you are 100% satisfied with how the creator is promoting your brand.

Forget about chasing creators—our team manages all shipping details and promo codes for you. Plus, you’ll receive air check notifications as soon as your ad goes live, keeping you informed every step of the way.

How we vet our ThoughtLeaders*

How do creators join the ThoughtLeaders partner program? These elite YouTube channels are selected after undergoing our rigorous vetting process. Our selection system is designed to ensure high professional standards from creators and maximum ROI for all sponsors.

Data metrics

Identifying top performing creators based on advanced data metrics and performance projections.

In depth interviews

In-depth interview where we establish and maintain high standard of responsiveness & reliability.

Run a sponsorship

Reviewing sponsorship history and working directly with each creator on running a sponsorship.

Discover the sponsorship price for any channel

As industry leaders specializing in YouTube sponsorships, we have pinpointed the most important data metrics to determine what a brand should spend to maximise their ROI, while paying creators a fair rate. Use our tool to calculate sponsorship fees and analyze the potential of any YouTube channel you want to partner with:

Robust campaign monitoring features to scale your campaigns

Once the sponsorship is live, track its performance daily to see how it progresses. Pick the best-performing ThoughtLeaders* for your brand and easily optimize your YouTube performance strategy by rescheduling based on your campaign results. Learn more on our platform page.

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Client stories

Boot Dev
John Dutton
Marketing Manager

ThoughtLeaders has made our integration campaign considerably easier. With their platform, we were not only able to place ads where they would be most effective, but we were able to gain valuable data while we were at it. Their comprehensive reporting platform makes reviewing metrics and demographics a breeze. Running the numbers, it looks like we double our ad spend on average through ThoughtLeaders. That puts us at an ROAS of 2 and some change.

— Lane Wagner
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Fetch Reward
Krishnan Menon
Marketing Director

There is definite power in marketing outside of your typical channels, and the ThoughtLeaders definitely played a huge role in helping me realize that. Using their platform to discover and sponsor new channels has become a fixture within our marketing plans, allowing us to tap into new audiences and drive growth.

— Krishnan Menon
Senior Vice President, Growth Marketing
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Dulcedo Group
Ben Goldberg
Chief Marketing Officer

Through the ThoughtLeaders platform I discovered a fitness YouTuber who hadn’t previously done many sponsorships. After using the platform to vet them, I signed the channel and told the creator “I’m going to change your life”. A few months into the partnership, the platform's tools helped me secure numerous lucrative long-term deals for the channel.

— Ben Goldberg
Team Manager & Senior Agent
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Magic Spoon
Anne Wang
Senior Growth Marketing Manager

We see YouTube very much as a performance marketing channel, with the goal of acquiring as many new customers as efficiently as possible. The ThoughtLeaders platform and team of experts have been aligned with our goals from day one, making the project of building our program easier and more streamlined. It really makes a difference when a partner brings expertise, an informed point of view, and a hustle that matches our own!

— Anne Wang
Senior Growth Marketing Manager
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a creator or a publisher that is a recognised authority in the YouTube economy and is listed as a top tier verified leader on the partners program.