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Master our Sponsorship Intelligence platform with nine easy lessons which will have you finding insights like a pro! Whether you are looking for thought leaders, or research brand strategies, you can use these steps to get the maximum value from our data!

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Please let us know if you have any questions, there is no such thing as a question too small or big!

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Using the Search Report

Whether you are a publisher or a brand, mastering these filters is key to finding relevant sponsorship insights in no time.

You will see this side bar across all three reports: Content, Brands, Thought Leaders and Trends.

Just like with any search engine, the broader your search, the more results you will generate. If you want to be precise and look for something specific, adding in different search fields can help to filter out your results and find insights that are more useful and relevant.

Open the lesson for a quick example to get you started and understand when to use Likely Sponsored vs Likely Affiliate under Monetization.

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Find Content trends in your space

This lesson will help you take advantage of the millions of articles we scrape each day!

For a publisher, it is useful to see how similar channels integrate a brand of interest in their video. It’s also important to keep track of the kind of content that your competition is producing, and discover new channels that are covering similar content to yourself.

For a brand, tracking Content trends allows you to discover and vet new channels. You can see exactly where similar brands are sponsoring or discover new creators that have not yet been found by your competition.

Open the lesson to see how to apply the lock function and for a quick exercise to show you how it works.

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How to find a brand

We track thousands of brands and this lesson will show you how to create a list around the most relevant brands for you!

For a publisher, this will help with discovering relevant brands, collecting valuable insights on dream brands to work with and finding new brands in this space.

For a brand, this will help you keep an eye on your competitors, find brands sponsoring the same channels as you, learn where brands are sponsoring the most, and more.

Open the lesson for a quick exercise to show you how it works.

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How to find a creator

Are you looking for a new talent, the next channel to sponsor or wanting to keep an eye on other creators working in your space? This lesson will show you how to do it!

For a publisher, this will help you find up and-coming publishers in your space, keep an eye on any creators you see as your competitors and get ideas for future content (titles for videos, brand sponsors, trending content and more).

For a brand, this will help you discover, vet and contact the top publishers speaking to your target audience, find new publishers untouched by your competition, and more.

Open the lesson for a quick exercise to show you how it works.

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What are Saved Searches

Welcome to your in-depth guide to Saved Searches.

Very much like when you write that killer email and save it for future use, you can do the same with your lists in the platform. The saving function allows you to come in daily, fire up your trusty lists and receive powerful insights that are relevant to your current workflow.

Once you have filtered and saved a list, you have two ways to access it:
1. Within the Content, Brands, Thought Leaders and Trends reports you can search for the list when you click here next to the save button at the top of the platform. Simply scroll and select or type in the name of your list and click on it.
2. In the Saved Searches report you have your own personal library of saved searches. You can jump back into the lists with the filters set exactly how you left them on your last save. These are the lists you’ll want to be returning to continually, to find new and interesting results as the content is continually updated.

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Understanding the Brand Page

Welcome to the Brand Page

For a publisher, this will help with vetting and understanding the buying patterns of potential brands you will reach out to, the amount of times they have sponsored in your format/category and more.

For a brand, this will help with learning from the success of big players in the market, hence, lessening your guess work and making bigger decisions for future sponsorships

This page will show you a number of insights and resources. See more and open the lesson below.

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Understanding the Thought Leader page

Whether you are here to vet your next talent, find your next channel to sponsor or just doing some competitor analysis, the publisher pages provide you with everything you need to know.

For a publisher, you can keep an eye on competitors and see new brands sponsoring them. If you’re a talent agency, this data allows you to vet a channel by means of sponsors, frequency of publishing, and stats about the channel.

For a brand, you can see if competitors are sponsoring a channel of interest or if the channel has sponsors in general. You also get statistics about the creator, to allow you to fact check publishers before investing.

This page will show you a number of insights and resources. See more and open the lesson below.

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Trends Report

The Trends Report enables you to combine data from different sources - all into a single beautiful trend report. This will help you make high-level strategy decisions by showing the bigger picture of any content trend you are interested in exploring.

Brands and Creators can use Trends to monitor all of the key success metrics in a single view. You can enjoy plenty of great visuals and critical data to measure trends from various angles.

To learn more about how to build a Trend Report click 'open lesson' below.

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