How to find a creator

Are you looking for new talent, the next channel to sponsor, or want to keep an eye on other creators working in your space? This lesson will show you how to do it!

For a publisher, this will help you find up and coming publishers in your space, keep an eye on any creators you see as your competitors and get ideas for future content (titles for videos, brand sponsors, trending content and more).

For a brand, this will help you discover, vet and contact the top publishers speaking to your target audience, find new publishers untouched by your competition, and more.

Here’s a quick exercise to show you how it works - try this with me! 


Step 1: Open the Thought Leaders report

Step 2: Click Likely Sponsored

Step 3: Click on Keywords and type in “beauty routine”click enter then type in “morning routine” (make sure it says OR in between the words, you can click on the AND to change it to OR)

Step 4: Select the Format as YouTube 

Step 5: Click on Published Date and then click on the trash can to delete the date limit (only for enterprise users) 

Step 6: Save your list at the top of the page using the Save icon

In the Thought Leaders report you have access to a lot of data to analyze. When you click the gear icon

you can untick Views and go ahead and tick First Published, Frequency and any other metrics that you are interested in viewing.

There are many different ways to analyze this data. Looking at the Brands column we can see how many brands have sponsored this channel with regards to this specific content. Content tells us how many sponsored videos each channel has created around this topic.

Whether you are looking at a competing channel or looking for your next channel to sponsor, you can see when a channel started creating content with these themes, to help you uncover the trailblazers in this space. You can also see the last time they produced such content with Last Published, which shows you if these topics are still relevant to this channel. 

The column Frequency allows you to see how often these channels produce videos around the topic you are searching for. As a publisher this can help you see if you need to up your game and as a brand you can see how often your kind of content is produced with a creator you are investigating.

Average views allows you to see the channel's performance on average, as a publisher you can see how your videos are performing compared to competition in this topic. As a brand you can see if their videos around this topic meet your standards before reaching out and potentially wasting your time.

Looking for use cases around the aggregation filter click here to find out more.

Tip: If you want to lock up to 100 content creators in your search see lesson 3 to learn how to lock in these channels. Once you have locked them in you can click on the thought leaders icon in the top right.

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