How to find a brand

We track thousands of brands and this lesson will show you how to create a list around the most relevant brands for you! 

For a publisher, this will help with discovering relevant brands, collecting valuable insights on dream brands to work with and finding new brands in this space.

For a brand, this will help you keep an eye on your competitors, find brands sponsoring the same channels as you, learn where brands are sponsoring the most, and more.

Here's a quick exercise to show you how it works.

Step 1: Open the Brands report

Step 2: Tick Likely Sponsored 

Step 3: Click on Keywords and type in “recipe”. Click Enter, then type in “delicious food”(make sure it says OR in between the words, you can click on the AND to change it to OR)

Step 4: Select the Formats as YouTube 

Step 5: Click on Published Date and then click on the trash can to delete the date limit (only for enterprise users)

Step 6: Select the Content Categories as Food 

Step 7: Click on the Last Mention column to see the most recent mentions

Step 8: Save your list with the save button at the top of the platform as you see below

In the Brands report you have access to a lot of data to analyze after completing your list. For example when you click the gear icon on the top left of the platform (as you see in the image below), you can untick any categories that might not be so relevant to you (such as Views and Likes) and go ahead and tick any that you are interested in taking a look at (for example, First Mention or Avg. Views). 

The Thought Leaders column shows you how many creators a brand has worked with. This allows you to see if a brand is working with a wide range of creators or just a handful, to help you understand how serious they are about diversifying their sponsorship strategy. 

You can also see the brand that is mentioned the most in this content by clicking on the Mentions column, and uncovering who is taking advantage of this content the most out of all the brands on this list. 

Another great insight is seeing when a brand started sponsoring this kind of  content (their First Mention) and when their most recent sponsor occurred (Last Mention), allowing you to see if this is an active brand and save you from chasing any dead ends. Please note if you have keywords in your filter, the dates are related to the content around the keywords and the brand overlap and not the brand as a whole.

Last but not least is the Avg. Views column. As a publisher, you can use this to see how many views on average a brand is receiving in their sponsorship history to allow you to leverage your channel’s statistics when making a deal.

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