Publisher Page

Whether you are here to vet your next talent, find your next channel to sponsor or just doing some competitor analysis, the publisher pages provide you with everything you need to know. 

For a publisher, you can keep an eye on competitors and see new brands sponsoring them. If you’re a talent agency, this data allows you to vet a channel by means of sponsors, frequency of publishing, and stats about the channel.

For a brand, you can see if competitors are sponsoring a channel of interest or if the channel has sponsors in general. You also get statistics about the show, to allow you to fact check publishers before investing. 

Looking at the Publisher Page you immediately see all the brands that have been mentioned on this channel, with both organic and sponsored brand mentions. You can see how many times that brand was mentioned under Mentions, the last time they were mentioned under Last Mentioned and the period of the brand and publisher relationship under Sponsored Time.

Under Reports you will see 3 buttons:

Clicking the button below will show you the brand in the publishers content in the Content report (to see integration examples, was it organic or sponsored, and more.)

Clicking the button below will take you to the Brand page.

Clicking the button below will show you the publisher in the Thought Leader report to do a further analysis.

At the bottom of the page under Content you will find essential information about the publisher. You will see a subscriber count, avg. views(more on this in the next paragraph), audience loyalty and the demographics of the channel. 

The algorithm for Avg. Views was built with the goal of determining how many views the next video that is published by the channel will receive within its first 90 days. We do this by removing any outliers that skewed the results for an accurate depiction of that channel. What this means is that if one of their videos suddenly went viral, that won't impact the calculation and therefore won’t unfairly influence your expectation on the performance of a future video.

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