See the Content Trends in your space!

This lesson will help you take advantage of the millions of articles we scrape each day! 

For a publisher, it is useful to see how similar channels integrate a brand of interest in their video. It’s also important to keep track of the kind of content that your competition is producing, and discover new channels that are covering similar content to yourself.

For a brand, tracking content trends allows you to discover and vet new channels. You can see exactly where similar brands are sponsoring or discover new creators that have not yet been found by your competition.

Here's a quick exercise to show you how it works - try this with me!

Lock Icon Function

Step 1: Open the Content report

Step 2: Tick Likely Sponsored 

Step 3: Click on Keywords and type in “subscription boxes”. Click enter then type in “meal prep”(make sure it says OR in between the words, you can click on the AND to change it to OR)

Step 4: Click on Published Date and set it to January 1st 2020 for relevancy (only for enterprise users)

Step 5: Select the Content Categories as Food 

Step 6: Save your list at the top of the page using the Save icon

Step 7: You will see a lock icon that appears next to the page numbers in the top right of the platform. Click it to close the lock, like this

Step 8: Click on Views column in order to sort your results list by most views

By performing the last step, you can see up to 100 creators most viewed content in this space after locking in these channels. By looking at the Brands column you can see the brands that are in the best performing videos around this topic. On the right of Brands you have the Thought Leader column where you can see the top publishers, who have the best performing content for this subject matter.

You can also view the brand integration itself, which is a great source of insights if you are looking to approach a certain brand or if you are looking for sponsorship inspiration. To do this, click on the Content field in the table and you will see a side panel pop out from the right as you see below. Clicking on the Transcript section and selecting a Timestamp will jump directly to that point in the video to view and analyze the integration.

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