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For a publisher, this will help with vetting and understanding the buying patterns of potential brands you will reach out to, the amount of times they have sponsored in your format / category and more.

For a brand, this will help with learning from the success of big players in the market and hence lessening your guess work and making bigger decisions for future sponsorships.

This page will show you a number of insights and resources.


Choose how you view the brand’s data:


A summary of the brand’s current status:

Format Breakdown / Trend / Category Breakdown graphs

This allows you to quickly see what format a brand is investing in the most, are they in a decline or growing and finally what are their top categories they are being mentioned in.

Related Brands

As you see below you can see related brands and a percentage amount of overlap with the brand whose page you are on. This helps you to get new leads or to develop an argument when approaching a brand.

Brand Prospects

Verified and hand picked contacts. Here you will find data around the prospects name, position, email and their LinkedIn profile. Try this next time: before reaching out via email, click on the LinkedIn button add them as a connection and then reach out to them. This process will improve your reply rate as they will see your name numerous times and be more inclined to reply. 

On top of all of this we have made it possible to download the contact list to make it easier for you to track your outreach or to easily send multiple emails through a mass sending email software.

Thought Leaders table

The table shows you the channel Name (you can hover over the name for the channel description).  

You then have an Estimated Spend with the amount of Mentions this brand has had with this publisher you are viewing. 

Moving right you can see the channel’s Reach (Subscriber count). The Last Mentioned shows you the last time the channel mentioned the brand for relevancy and finally how long the brand has been appearing on that channel under Sponsored Time.

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Want to discuss what ThoughtLeaders can do for your brand?


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