Women subscription boxes are the winners

April 20, 2020
Avi Kassuto
Account Executive

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The Insight

Data: I found the top 1500 content creators for relevancy around the keywords:  clothes AND delivery, delivery, fashion, accessories AND delivery, apparel.

Hypothesis: Women subscription boxes are the most popular topic within the shopping from home content.

Experiment: Using the keywords women AND subscription to determine the overlap in content produced between the shopping from home world and clothes delivery.

Result: There are 426 TL out of 1500 which feature the keyword clothes AND delivery in the content 4,600 times.

Interesting revelation: even though men subscription boxes had more TL standing at 436 they had less mentions at 4,170.
Having more mentions by less TL has the feel of a genuine review on the viewers' part and that is why women subscription boxes win !

Hypothesis confirmed...for now.

Would you prefer more content producers speaking about your brand with less mentions overall or less content producers with more mentions of your brand?

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