My morning routine videos are the #1 place for supplement brands to sponsor

April 23, 2020
Elsie Bernaiche
Account Executive at ThoughtLeaders

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The Insight

The trending style of video called "morning routine" videos are exploding on YouTube and are the #1 video style that supplement and wellness brands are currently sponsoring.

We're tracking over 188,000 "my morning routine" videos and supplements are being featured 4,584 times from 900 YouTubers.

Here's the real winner: I found 230 vegan beauty YouTubers that are leading the pack with "my morning routine" videos. Here's a sampling of the YouTubers that are talking about veganism, supplements and natural beauty products:

Similarly, "what I eat in a day" holds a ton of attention within this category with 1,474 videos from 370 vegan vloggers who are also discussing supplements. This YouTube video "format" will surely emerge as the primary way brands are sponsoring content to drive results in the health/wellness industry.

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