Finding Empowered Women....

April 1, 2020
Elsie Bernaiche
Account Executive at ThoughtLeaders

Brands Mentioned

The Insight

Bossy Beauty is a cruelty-free makeup company with a mission of female empowerment, thanks to their founder Aishetu Fatima Dozie. Their story gave me an idea for a great sponsorship campaign:

In the past year, the topic of #femaleempowerment or #empoweringwomen has been talked about 807 times across 397 unique publications.

Using our system I further sorted by channels ALSO discussing lipstick, or "lippies", I got 126 mentions on 38 publications.

That's an amazing amount of overlap that directly appeals to Bossy's brand and audience. This is a space they should be sponsoring. Their brand story is incredibly relevant to the subscribers of these 38 channels, and sponsoring content here will result in higher conversions.

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