Coronasomnia is trending - CBD should be, too

April 14, 2020
Elsie Bernaiche
Account Executive at ThoughtLeaders

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The Insight

The global population is not getting enough sleep - searches of #insomnia have increased almost 200% since January, so much so that we have created a new word for lack of sleep caused by corona worries: #coronasomnia

Cannabis is medically approved as a treatment for insomnia - that's why the timing could not be more perfect for leading cannabis brands to sponsor content. There's already an insane amount of overlap within this space:

Across the top 100 influencers discussing anxiety and smoking weed, there are more than 2500+ mentions of #sleep and #sleepingdisorders across 76 of these top publications. #Insomnia was mentioned 500+ times across 41 of these channels.

This audience of 158 Million is already discussing ways that smoking marijuana can alleviate anxiety and sleeping disorders, and the conversation is gaining traction as the COVID-19 crisis expands into April.

Here's an example of some content we are seeing from Inverse that would be perfect for CBD brands to sponsor.

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