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Jenn Im's Brand Partnerships

Jenn Im partnered with 86 brands over the last 12 months

Jenn Im has partnered with a number of brands, including: HelloFresh, Audible, The RealReal, CeraVe, Magic Spoon and more

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Squarespace's sponsored content

Sponsored content for Squarespace peaked in February 2021

Since April 2020, 514 Thought Leaders have mentioned Squarespace 3,377 times. YouTube represents 2,935 of those mentions

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Staying at home inspired home renovations

Content related to home renovation peaked as more and more people were forced to stay at home

868 mentions of 'house update' or 'renovation update' by 400 Thought Leaders from January 2020 to April 2021

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Native turned deodorant into the hottest skin care product

The number of Thought Leaders involved with Native (Deodorant) peaked in mid-2020

Between 2020-2021, Native (Deodorant) was mentioned over 800 times by 377 Thought Leaders

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Hungry for ASMR Mukbang content

With ASMR mukbang content on the rise, more and more brands are getting involved in the topic

Over the last three years, 574 brands were involved with ASMR mukbang content, with a major spike in 2021

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HelloFresh's sponsored content

Sponsored content peaked in January 2021

Over the last 12 months, HelloFresh has appeared in 964 mentions across 379 Thought Leaders

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The rise of pregnancy announcements during the pandemic

With content creators forced to stay at home, content related to pregnancy was at an all-time high

Between March 2020 to April 2021, there were 6,648 mentions of the terms "pregnancy announcement" or "having a baby"

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Savvy Coupon Shopper - YouTube’s most devoted couponer

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3,706 videos dedicated to the art of coupon shopping

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Only day you can prank your boss

Why is content surrounding April Fool's Day 48% down from last year?

YouTube controlling 87% of April Fool's content

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Brands appearing in The Hustle

Learn more about which brands have appeared most consistently in The Hustle over the past few years

1,056 brands have appeared in The Hustle since August 2017

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How your home became a "sanctuary"

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4,586 mentions for “Sanctuary” and "Home” in lifestyle and design content over the past 3 years

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Raycon's sponsored content

Testing peaked between May and September 2020

Over the last 12 months, Raycon has appeared in 3,329 mentions across 935 Thought Leaders

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SciManDan - doing THE MOST to debunk Flat Earthers

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231 mentions of “Flat Earth" with content aimed at debunking Flat Earthers

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Content surrounding WandaVision

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6,795 mentions of WandaVision from 02/2019 to 03/2021 YouTube represents 5.1k of those mentions

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General Knowledge is the top content category

41% in General Knowledge content 32% in the Tech content category

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Brands working with affiliate partners

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There are over 6k brands using affiliates and over 16k thought leaders making those deals come to light.

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