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The ThoughtLeaders platform allows us to track all sorts of trends in sponsorships and content on YouTube, podcasts and email newsletters. We use that data to pull insights and publish trend reports.

Going Live! Gathering remotely in the age of Covid

June 3, 2020
In this article we’re going to be looking at references to different forms of remote digital gatherings including webinars, livestreams and the newly established category of online / virtual events.

The fitness fixation sweeping the nation

May 27, 2020
The ultimate Fitness, Workout and Tracking Trend Report

Obese or obsessed? American health & wellness culture

May 21, 2020
In this industry report, we’re taking a look at key dieting apps and how they’re sponsoring over time to not only attract new customers, but build a cult following that drives organic mentions for them.

Trial, discount or brand: How does B2B work in sponsored content?

May 13, 2020
Do business decision-makers listen to podcasts? How do you reach fortune 500 CEOs? This week we explore how B2B works in sponsored content.

Gaming Brands Trend Report

May 6, 2020
Which brands have the playbook to sponsorships in gaming? Who is the champion of this league of legends? We’ve broken down some major trends in gaming content to give you insight into sponsorship trends and related brands that are modeling interesting and revenue-generating strategies.

The VPN Wars

April 29, 2020
There has been an explosion in VPNs in the content we consume, driven in recent years by a tense and relentless battleground for VPN supremacy.This is…..the VPN wars

Cannabis Industry Trend Report

April 16, 2020
The growth of the marijuana industry is undeniable, and although there are still several challenges facing these ‘green’ start-ups, we’ve already identified some early trends that brands can take advantage of to sidestep these obstacles to growth and gain traction in this burgeoning industry. 

The Remote Work Trend Report

March 25, 2020
We’re here to provide you with some exclusive data straight from the ThoughtLeaders’ platform to help your digital marketing team succeed while everyone is working from home.

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