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Get your brand to appear on the hottest upcoming content, and sponsor the videos your audience is guaranteed to be watching. With Elsie's campaign picks, you can take advantage of the {event} content that top creators are working on right now.

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We look after finding the creators, negotiating deals and booking up relevant content that your audience is sure to be watching. Now is the time to start booking {campaign} videos. We're working with top creators who are already filming their {event} content - ready for you to book now.


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Creators usually plan their content around {event} well in advance, and they often get booked up for sponsorship deals months or weeks before they start filming. Remember that {campaign} is associated with numerous retail opportunities, so you want to make sure your brand top of mind when it comes to these events.

Expected budget:
Campaign scale: 10-15 creators

We can customize this campaign to suit your brand goals. Let us know what you need, and Elsie and her team will work with you to find the creators with the best content to make it happen.

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Elsie has over a decade of experience in business consulting, specializing in marketing strategy and specifically performance-based influencer partnerships. Elsie has consulted with over 200 brands regarding their influencer strategy and helped countless brands scale from one single video to thousands of successful partnerships. Ask Elsie about how much to invest in your influencer campaigns, what to expect and what content will work best for you.