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August 26, 2021

What's trending? Probiotics, pandemic and predictions

Since the global pandemic spread like wildfire, people scrambled for answers and, most importantly, for ways to stay healthy and resist getting infected. One of the most common 'cures' being mentioned- probiotics. Do they work? Some say absolutely yes and swear by it as if it were the cure to cancer. Others will say it’s a load of bologna. Whether you are a believer or not, since the beginning of the global pandemic, the monthly mentions of probiotics has grown by 25%! This is a keyword whose mentions have been stagnant for the six months prior to the outbreak of COVID in January 2020. Further than that, the mentions of probiotics alongside COVID make up 10% of the total mentions of probiotics on all of YouTube in the past 20 months.

Take a look at mentions of probiotics in YouTube since the beginning of 2020:

Mentions of probiotics on YouTube in 2020

Let’s take it one step further and take a look at mentions of COVID alongside Probiotics in YouTube:

Mention of probiotics and COVID on YouTube

What we can see here is that as the pandemic got worse, and was affecting more and more people with each month hitting new infection records, the mentions of probiotics and COVID within the same content has grown in unison.

Taking a look at the peak mentions, this happened right around the time the vaccine hit the streets. Up until then, the world's citizens were looking for ways to protect themselves as there were no federally approved cures. Since the vaccine has been made available, the world released a sigh of relief and mentions of COVID and probiotics has decreased to less than the mentions of this time last year.

Now this is where things start to get interesting…

A large number of the world’s citizens have now been inoculated, some with single shots, others with double. Now coming around the corner is the third, otherwise known as the “booster”. Pay attention closely, the delta variant has proven to, in some cases, override the vaccine's protection and infect the vaccinated. This is making people worried. Humanity is based on survival, and just because something doesn't work as expected, humanity will seek out alternatives in order to protect themselves as much as they humanly can, while maintaining a livable lifestyle, similar to what occurred pre-release of the vaccine. It is my prediction that the mentions of probiotics will reach a new peak.

Probiotics was the answer during a time when there was little to none, and will return as the necessary supplement to fight off the virus. Does it work? Only G-d knows, though sometimes the feeling of protection supersedes all.

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